Tuesday, March 28, 2023


28.5.2019 | Sat to Thu at 7:30 PM

Vani Chaturvedi (nicknamed "Thapki") (Jigyasa Singh) has a stutter but is a cheerful and intelligent girl.

Maat Zrona

28.5.2019 | Sat to Thu at 8:30 PM

Poyraz Karayel was a police officer and was suspended unjustly because of a crime that he has not committed.


30.7.2018 | Sat to Thu at 6:30PM

It is the story of two childhood friends Rishi and Tanushree, who grow up separately but are destined to be together as star-crossed lovers till Eternity.

Afghanistan VS Palestine

24.7.2018 | Ended

Kabul will host a friendly match between Afghanistan and Palestine national football teams in August 19 to mark the Independence Day of Afghanistan, the football federation said on Friday.