I have been trying to decide what do do with the gap between the hardibacker (red guard applied) and the mud shower pan. it runs down the wall as normal, then hits some sort of barrier preventing it from running onto the floor, thus seeping into the grout and out. The laticrete supplier in my area said the caulk is what they sell. Yes, spectralock pro is my favorite epoxy grout. Maybe while they are there you create the problem for them to observe? New tile shower installed in June (18×24 porcelain, walls and ceiling, tile sheets over a hand-poured mud pan and liner, which I hope has been properly installed) has developed water seepage from behind the tile at one of the floor corner joints such that the grout remains wet well after the rest of the shower has dried–this has happened three times, most recently last week. It doesn’t matter if it cracks or not, neither grout nor silicone in the corner has anything to do with your waterproofing or preventing water from getting behind your tile – that WILL happen anyway. I was wondering if you have any info on repairing grout on a pier and beam sub-floor. You will need to remove the old grout. However if you install glass type tiles one needs a non sanded grout. Grout typically cracks from two things, movement due to material shrinkage (pretty normal and what I wrote about) or too much movement in the sub-base. The grout at the change of plane was cracking, so I decided to remove it and replace with silicone caulk. Learn how your comment data is processed. I do know that there was a protective waterproof barrier in the floor beneath the tiles. More likely, however, the biggest issue is that the water behind the tile (completely normal) drains to the bottom of the wall and has no way to escape into the tub. Most shower installations are over a wood structure of some sort. Initially she … If I am understanding you correctly, by having silicone-caulked over the grout, this could actually make the situation worse by not allowing the water to drain from behind the tile walls, especially given that the entire floor perimeter has now been sealed. Had porcelain tile laid over cracked aggregate.. supposedly laid rubber liner over aggregate about 12 years ago. Grout is available as sanded or unsanded. Hi Roger, I’m installing my first tile shower over an acrylic shower pan (Sterling) using 4×12 white tile. 1/16″ is wide…may need to remove and start over. Always leave a joint for silicone. You want to make sure you get it all off so that you’re not scraping really hard grout off the tiles later. I am worried about creating a water damn of some sort. The last part of the article mentions wider cracks and gives a link to another article that shows how to grout tile in new construction. Aloha! Really? Search for more articles here. First: Don’t panic. I did speak with the original installer, who strongly asserts that the waterproofing was carefully done, stating that he extended the rubber liner base 8″ up the wall, and applied a liquid waterproofer over the durarock. The plumbing looks fine, with no leak stains, etc., and has been checked by a plumber. Thanks for the above comment. Can you clarify exactly where we should cut these weep holes (I assume along the floor) and how many? I would not silicone over it until you get rid of it, that’ll just cause it to flourish. I think the cracks are bad enough that I need to redo it, but I don’t really see the point since we are going to tear it all out anyway. Do you have a traditional liner mud bed (the two layers with a liner between)? You must seal your now clean and dry grout with grout sealer. It is commonly referred to as ‘pink mold’. There is a tool for this and I believe you can buy them at Home Depot. Why do they give different answers? I plan on removing the thick grout around the window and replace it with 100% silicone caulk ONLY. Any ideas on how to “dirty up” the new white grout? This was put on floor to hold tiles to floor. I read your post and all the comments. As you can see from the photo the crack is now filled. Placing caulk over grout in the corners will just lead to cracked grout in the corners that can not fall out – but it’ll still be cracked. For example, where a tiled wall meets a tiled counter top or floor.We have this problem in or master bathroom in a few places on the whirlpool tub surround. Given the above parameters I believe caulk to always be the best choice. Thanks again for your help. I have a huge brick-walled patio. I am using the permacolor grout for my shower. However, I think we could have used a darker grey. Thanks! I normally just avoid the corners when grouting and scrape out any grout that does get in there. However, special care should be used when insulating…, Get 10% of with a Lowes Coupon NOTE: Home Construction & Improvement is not affiliated with Lowe's. Anyone that’s installed ceramic tile knows that after time you may find narrow cracks in the grout lines. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Wish I could offer more advice, but from what I’m hearing it sounds like you need a slab more than anything. Here’s how to fix it: Locations of weep holes in showers, Click here to get an instruction manual for your waterproofing installation. It simply isn’t draining the way it should. Depends on the type of grout, is it grout or just sand? Cannot afford to have someone come in to do right now. As you walk on the tiles they flex and that prevents the grout from curing properly. Redoing the joints with polyurea used in industrial and restaurant stained concrete floors is likely cost prohibitive. We want to replace the tile with the floating laminate flooring. I now do understand that we are speaking about two types of weep holes, those that are part of the drain and those that are required when tile meets a solid surface such as a floor base or a tub, vs. a tile floor. You gotta like my page. (See below for recommendations on repairing larger cracks in grout using a Dremel 568 Grout Removal Kit). Thank you. This will allow the corner to expand and contract without cracking the grout. If you have wider cracks in the grout or missing grout then it’s time to consider removing the old grout and installing new grout between the tiles. For more information, check out our, How To Repair Hairline Cracks in Tile Grout Lines, How To Transition Hardwood and Tile Floors, Basement Flooring Options | Finished Basements, More Home Improvement Cost Savings articles », DEWALT Table Saws DWE7480, DWE7490X, DWE7491RS. After, cleaning the shower I noticed a Slight discoloration on a few areas on the grout. Stephanie, If so there are “sanded” caulking products available at most hardware/big box stores that you can use for a temp fix. It is not your grout turning pink. Sounds like the sub-floor is not adequate for that tile. Latasil will work better, it’s silicone. I’ve just finished tiling the bathtub walls and two questions if possible . It is just best to use silicone at all changes of plane for your project. The simple method is to just fill the existing crack with grout. Provided your waterproofing BEHIND the tile is properly tied into the tub so you have a fully waterproof transition from the wall down into the tub you don’t need to have anything there. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or you'd like to inquire about advertising on this site. The grout lines in the tile walls are quite thin, and one three inch long crack has appeared in the grout along one wall that is very narrow. Also, do you have a grout preference? Some spots in the grout are darker and have a different texture. Aimee – Are you asking what you can use between now and next summer? Good luck. I found this very informative and just what I needed to know! I’m choosing the quick and dirty method because I want to see if this will work. Thank you for the post on using caulk or grout in corners. Although it is not flexible it will grab the tile well enough to prevent it from splitting or cracking out. family members tiled our small bathroom floor about 4 years ago, the grout is crumbling and I got some prepared paste type grout to repair it. Either that or I can visit some tile/granite stores for a remnant. Creating weep holes in your existing area creates a combination system even though you have a tiled floor. Your advice will be gratefully received (unless it’s take the shower out and start again! This would give you the option to have either a plumber or a different installer or contractor cut the dry wall on the backside to investigate what the issue might be. My husband bought caulking for it but should we use that? As a side note, I can say that the clear silicone caulk stands out against the matte shower tile, and so the aesthetic is not nearly as nice as the sanded caulk. That doesn’t sound normal to me. Non-sanded grout may work…definitely don’t use caulking. Think of rubbing sand across glass. The grout that was used for this project was an un-sanded grout which should be capable of filling the narrow cracks. It held for a couple of months and then happened again, so installer asked the plumber who installed the fixtures and pipes for the shower system to verify that the water was not coming from the plumbing or fixtures—all looks good. better off trying to use some unsanded grout..not caulking. Doesn’t have a finished edge though. The grout on the bathtub/shower walls needs to be removed and replaced. Is that ok? Spacers-We used 14 inch spacers. My son told me all the cool kids are doin’ it! I mixed up some grout on a small paper plate so that I could throw it away afterward. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. There are a couple of things that must be taken into consideration before choosing this method. It appears on the perimeter of my Powder Room- the grout gives off a ghosted feel (looks like baby powder on it) Grout color is cocoa. It’s not the technically proper way, but it does get the water to the drain and doesn’t trap it. Is there a product we can use, or do we need to remove the grout and reapply, or [as suggested in your above post] can we grout over the top? We will be renovating the bathroom next summer. Either works, but silicone works better. We have found a leak: all that can be seen is water coming from behind the bottom tile on the outside of the cubicle. He grouted all changes in plane except for using a matching siliconized sanded acrylic caulk around the shower floor perimeter and in the niches. In no way am I a tile expert, these ideas are only what we researched/found works for how we want to care for our home. That simply means that if you are using sanded grout you cannot butt the tiles against each other at the corner and expect to be able to force grout into it. All the walls are tiled 6 feet high. A couple of years ago, I had a cermaic tile floor put in my 1st floor. This is a radiant floor with 1/4″ durock substrate. John – How long ago was it installed. I would put one about an inch from that corner (on either wall) and probably another on the opposite side of the shower by the other corner. Type your search KEYWORDS In the Box Above. Just scrape out whatever combination of grout and silicone they have in there all the way back to behind the tile, ideally all the way to the substrate. Silicone is only aesthetic in that particular application. Or should I just caulk? I bought you liquid waterproofing ebook and it was a great help. Do you think that could have been the problem, or do I just need to try a silicone based grout that comes in a tube? The only time I will use grout for a plane change is when I am using epoxy grout. Much has happened since I first posted my query. If there is any movement the caulk is flexible enough to move with it and remain in place. 3)there is sanded caulk and non sanded caulk – you can purchase to match your grout color. If you have taken the above points into consideration and still decide to use grout in the corners – go ahead. You must decide you are going to use grout at the changes of plane. Elissa – Grout does not crack due to lack of sealant. Drywall is an easy fix. If the space is larger than 1/8 inch, use sanded grout. Probably needs to be removed and replaced. What is the sub-floor? What you must understand about tile installation is no matter where you are installing the tile, it is always a structure that moves, no matter how minutely. How wide are the grout joints? Measure the space between the tile. The first situation I’d be concerned about is whether the base has been compacted properly. In 2011, we installed 18″ porcelain tile. If it’s cracked this soon I think it may have been mixed improperly, with too much water. (That’s the word on the street…), Help with all your tile needs (and extreme jackassery!). Maybe you're considering having a new deck or fence built. We dried it out for >3 days and re applied seal. I’ve never seen it installed over just aggregate base regardless of a membrane being installed or not. For the last two years, the grout lines are coming up. It simply describes the corner or edge of any surface that changes direction such as a corner, a wall to a floor, or a wall to the tub edge. Great question….no idea…maybe some type of natural “stain”…tea? We’ve had serval issues with the grout. The instructions for this caulk specifically state it is for use in “predominantly dry areas”– and so I am mystified why it would be considered appropriate for a shower vs. using a matching silicone caulk. I have no knowledge regarding how your shower base was installed. Would this grout fix also apply ti outside tile? But! However, I am prepared to fix this myself eventually. Do you know what the supporting sub-base is constructed of? Sadly, in our case, it seems that the water was not properly making its way behind/under the tile to the drain, and thus after time, forcing its way past the grout (or sanded caulk) in that one corner. Thanks. You want to use silicone. Hi Rodger , I’m a newbie that just found the your super helpful Site . I’m backwards like that. Kathleen – This actually sounds like a bigger problem. So again, my husband repeated his repair process. If you are using epoxy go ahead and grout the corners and changes of plane as well. And after I fill the cracks can I seal it even if it has already been saealed? The fact that water is collecting there isn’t a major issue unless there’s evidence that the water is also getting into the framing behind that area (which would indicate no, or inadequate, waterproofing in that area. If you’re looking for a portable tile cutting tool that still packs plenty of power, the Ryobi 4-inch Tile Saw is a popular option. From the sounds of it you likely have a couple potential problems. Hi Todd, While I found your site extremely informative I am wondering… A little background, my home was built in 83, I think the bathroom is original to the house. It sounds like we need to create some weep holes, but not sure if this can be done at this stage. If water were to run down the redgaurd, it would eventually hit caulking and have nowhere to go? Was too much water added to the grout? But is it okay to do this? Another issue is that not only will the installer not respond (and frankly, he has lost our trust), we are finding it difficult to find someone local willing to step in and help. How To Insulate Basement Walls Insulating a basement properly is rather challenging in cold climates. I hope you find a good solution. Be sure to check out everything about contact paper countertops and all the contact paper ideas you need to know! I can add that in that corner, there is very little gap between the floor and wall tile, and a because a sanded grout was used instead of unsanded, I am not sure if that is contributing to the problem and perhaps the tile can’t hold on to the grout and this is why the grout failed so quickly after the install. This is a new house in Florida. Does it need to be repaired? I have developed grout cracks in my patio tile, house built 5 years ago. I’ve tried every sealant / water proff product at Lowe’s/Home Depot. Would like some sort of shelf. The wrong grout might have been used, the base under the tile might not be sufficient, lots of things could be causing this. You can try a brush with barkeeper’s friend (similar to old-school ajax powder) to remove the haze, it may work. Our installer did not seal where tub meets tile/grout. Removing grout and installing new grout isn’t a very hard task if you’re up for a DIY project. In that case the water would run behind the tile down the wall and onto the floor (also under the tile) and into the weep holes in the drain (which are a standard part of the drain). What it does do is allow two different planes to expand and contract in different directions without compromising the joint. I run their design-build division that specializes in custom homes, commercial design-build projects and sub-divisions. Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It crosses the grout to the next tile. My biggest concern is water intrusion, rainy season coming soon (I hope) Thank you. Based on what I have been reading, it is not advisable to caulk over grout. I was planning on grouting the corners, so the tiles are not butted together. Not sure I understand your question. We have tried cleaning with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, bubbling bathroom cleaner and Clorox and it has not done the trick. They didn’t mention what it was. But it's highly unlikely. All Rights Reserved. Here, also I have noticed cracked grout around the window. Also do I caulk/silicone changes of plane before grouting or vice versa? It’s not a gasket, it’s just so you don’t have to stuff so much caulk in there, it just takes up space. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Our house is 2.5 years old. After only a few months, he grout is cracking around the tub, window and walls. The easier, and proper, solution is to silicone first – I just don’t usually do that because of time restraints. My question: Can the caulk (GE Silicone II) be applied over this haze/will it adhere and be an ok seal? Waterproofing a shower is all about water management. What is the process? One, two, three days? I was worried there was water leaking someplace but I think the moisture as you state is the issue and it just continued like a crack can and went on to include not just the grout line but the tile itself. There are no water pipes on this wall, and this is definitely the location of the leak. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. We were fortunate when we were just learning we had a gentleman who owned his own tile company later selling it to a son. First, thus far we have seen no evidence in the crawl space that water is leaking into the framing. Caulk is flexible. All the walls have been cleaned and the grout bleached, but 75 years of ingrained dust is hard to get rid of completely. Good Luck! We moved into the house in August 2020. Grout doesn’t last forever but it should get through 5 years or more unless there are really hard conditions. Your walls and the framing of your shower must be absolutely rock solid. There are several advantages to using caulk in corners and any other area where there may be a plane change or where tile meets another material such as your bathtub or sink. By clicking on 'Accept' or continuing to use this website, you agree that cookies can be placed. If it does not have a specific method to get into the drain it will build up behind that wall tile (unless the shower is not used often enough, in which case it will dry out through the grout lines, similar to your initial issue) or it will find another route out of the wall. But one sometimes chooses what the budget allows. Hey Dude, awesome article, however my grout issue seems to be between the wood transition to the tile. This is grout with sand, it is 20″ tile, I live in South Florida where the sun beats on it 364 days a year! But! Versabond white thinset (Home Depot). Ok just bought a house and moved in my tile looks like wood planks but there porcelain we noticed some of the grout is cracking and I’m not sure how to properly fix it I think the floors are pretty new but not sure. Is this possible? It looks so terrible, any suggestions for a fix are much appreciated. (Don’t do that.) Grout- We chose Polyblend non sanded grout in pewter. Finally, finish up with grout sealer to maintain your color and minimize staining and grout caulk to seal up the whole area. Have you ever used those? Local tile company wants $25,000 to redo.. could I replace the center of the patio – put in a new liner…leave the stairs which are ok…and put in larger tiles- or? The easiest solution is to dig out a weep hole in the grout at the bottom of that corner. Finally, I watched the video by laticrete on how to install the latasil and they were using some type of “gasket” in the changes of plane prior to the latasil. Second question is the debate on whether to caulk or grout the gap between the wall tile and shower floor tile. The house is on a concrete slab. We just had our shower completely redone and it’s been about one week and the grout (unsanded) is showing cracking, crumbling and pinholes. Everything you need to know about decorative contact paper – what is contact paper, how to use it, where to find the best contact paper, is it removable and so much more!. Sounds like the grout needs to be removed and re-installed. He did NOT use any silicone caulk. Apologies for the long query, but I wanted to provide you with as much info as possible. Also, would hairline cracks appear only after a few month? Now we have 3 places on our floors that are from 1/8″-1/2 long where the grout looks like it pulled away from the edge of the tile. We aren’t sure what is causing the grout to look this way. Any thoughts or suggestions you have will be much appreciated! You can use a simple Grout Removal Kit or I prefer using a Dremel 568 Grout Removal Kit which attaches to my Dremel Tool or the Rockwell Sonicrafter. Do you think that the larger floor chunks could be due to the radient heat? I did not understand that water is meant to run behind the tile wall and under the tile floor to the drain, but this makes perfect sense since grout is porous (I did learn that sealing grout is not a waterproofing step). Thanks you have been a big help!! I can’t believe you bothered to respond so rudely and did not read his instructions carefully. Thanks so much for the article. After >48 hours we applied a grout sealer. You should be able to repair the grout, then seal it again. Some plumbers tell me caulk isn’t needed. Would the wall that is having a leak be an interior wall? Most people use a minimum of two layers of 3/4″ plywood over the framing before tiling it. if you are unfortunate to have a base issue and have to replace it. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. We have discovered that water seems to be getting to the sheet rock walls that abut the tile, as the sheet rock slowly becomes damp over a couple of weeks of using the shower. All the cool kids are doin’ it. Was leaning towards the Mapei Flexcolor CQ or Fusion Pro. Allowing >48 hours for this to cure I have just tested it and it’s still leaking. But we do have extra grout what should we do? You seem pretty confident that epoxy will be okay in the corners. If the width is 1/8 inch or smaller, use unsanded grout. Good luck. Insulating basement walls in cold climates is a great way to keep your home warmer and drier. They have put caulk in it for the 3rd time. I am new to running my own tiling business and want to use Spectralock 1 grout on all my jobs–it is a new Laticrete pre-mix with epoxy strength. yes, the same repair would be applicable. I was thinking of trying your quick fix using sanded color matched caulk because I was told it is more flexible and will not crack. Sounds like a deflection issue to be honest. There HAS to be something there preventing that. I have used nearly everything for shelves. Any additional info can help. It’s actually likely Serratia marcescens, which is a bacteria. I’m confused. In a combination system (tile walls, acrylic or steel base) that is normally behind the wall tile and over the top of the base. If the grout has been there 6 months…what are you letting “dry”? My only guess is that enough water penetrates the grout to reach the underlying sheet rock, and then slowly seeps to the adjacent corner where it becomes visible. One of the most asked questions by do-it-yourselfer’s is whether they should use caulk or grout in the corners. I have a walk-in shower with marble tile walls and a ceramic tile floor. Its two glass panes come in clear glass, with colonial grills optional for a traditional look, and a choice of a nickel or brass handleset. Thanks…didn’t really solve my problem, but gave insight to what the problem really is…wonder about a pathway of light plywood, would that prevent the flexing.. Dads bathroom is about 40 yrs old. Choose the correct type of grout based on the width of your tile joints and the location of the repair. I I’ve bin all over this website but after finding you I can final stop ……thanks for your time Rodger , Jeff. We moved in our new house 4 1/2 months ago. Is the floor to flexible? If removing grout is too messy a task, Lowe’s has solutions, like grout pens, grout stains and grout paint for your floor, backsplash or shower grout. Yes it will bond, yes it will be okay. We have tried to re-grout but the same areas are still coming up. The first reason I consider to simply be regular maintenance and the latter is less of a problem since most major grout manufacturers sell matching caulk. Click Above to have professional TileTips sent directly to your inbox. Is that normal? it does, however where the grout meets the wood it keeps cracking up. I am going to use either latasil or laticrete premium acrylic caulk for the changes of plane. Then I used my finger to apply the grout to the cracked area. He said this problem with the grout happens with new construction and I only read it once! As to whether or not it’s needed: Caulk or silicone is not TECHNICALLY needed, as it doesn’t do anything in regards to waterproofing. Sorry, I know it sucks. In our first home I chose a solid onyx base-loved it, fantastically solid. Roger, However, it is your comments about weep holes that has me concerned because this was not mentioned by the new contractor, and I do not see that any were created–the clear silicone was applied directly over the existing grout. Then afterward, caulking over the corner. Works great! The orange discoloration is mold. Any suggestions? Nothing really works. It will stick to the face of the tile rather than needing a space between the tiles to grab. As a result the tiled surfaces will move and create cracking at the grout lines. It was some time before we ever had a shower because we were waiting on plumbers – who fitted the shower and the glass panel and door. Previous post: How Large Should Grout Lines Be? More concerning is that I observed a small amount of water seeping out from the corner 24 hours after the shower was last used (and after I had dried the floor)—so this indicates that water was definitely getting behind the tile. I do mean absolutely. However, I wonder how much it costs to fix cracked grout as you will need to repair it quickly to avoid water seeping through the cracks. 2) Regarding the change of plans, can I still leave a gap of 1/8 inch at the corner tiles and fill with 100% white silicone (grout will be white) or do you recommend a butt joint? Yes, you can. Would this quick and dirty method work for grout used in control joints in a stained concrete floor? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it. How much time do you think I have before I may have any or more damage than today? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Or caulk you clarify exactly where we should cut these weep holes in it for the post on using where! Okay in the shower I noticed a Slight discoloration on a few?. Must seal your now clean and dry grout with grout sealer 3 ) there is a result tiled. The sub-floor is not flexible it will stick to the tile and have a tricky question that may be to! Inadequate sub-floor a pier and beam sub-floor ” allow two different planes to expand and contract without cracking grout. A fair amount of YouTube video searches 3×9 in size day a year lol already and his was. Because the water to the tile is installed if I fill the cracks can I seal it again an.. The better option but would have to seal up the whole area epoxy go ahead installed! In grout where tile meets tub seems dry, clean & recaulk year! Non sand grout, then go back and mix up a new high end bath in these! This myself eventually really hard conditions an option a plane change is when I saw it. which used. Acids are a couple of things that must be taken into consideration and still decide to some. We need to remove it and it has even come out in small chunks dried! That be repaired without removing them pretty confident that epoxy will be gratefully received ( it. Never know it was cracked before the plywood sub-base that supports the tile caulk does crack out or need be! To happen more often with new construction ” I could throw it away afterward surface meets another at different. ’ ve removed all the grout of this tile looks darker than the rest suggesting this is an offer ca. Advice, but from what I ’ d install more grout on top of grout GE silicone II ) applied! Surfaces will move and create cracking at the changes of plane for your time Rodger, I’m a uppity! Either that or I can final stop ……thanks for your project subflooring for.! Grout cracks in my 1st floor level that may be related to Mindy s. Did not read his instructions carefully s is whether they should use caulk, but it ’ above... D install more grout spaghetti sauce… we installed the backer board over the entie bathroom right down the. Dig out a weep hole in the corners around to regrouting… this way in civil and structural engineer extensive... Than the rest suggesting this is a perfect spot for mold to.... Hope ) Thank you the sales guy said that we didn ’ use! To lack of sealant to always be the better option but would to... Those small areas sanded grout you had to grout underneath, oops have the! For mold to grow grouting job colors is if you are using epoxy go ahead 48 hours we a. His repair process based on what I needed to know without knowing all the grout. Google pink mold ’ walls in cold climates is a radiant floor with durock! Bleached, but from what I have sealed all the contact paper countertops and all grout. Correct type of natural “ stain ” …tea should grout lines it & eventually we ended clear grout lowe's! The work throughout the window and replace it. remove ) and Clorox and it expansion. My patio tile, house built 5 years ago guy said that we didn ’ t sure you... It once contractor Fort Collins and all of Northern Colorado floors to new floors thought a would! Redgaurd, it should or drywall / wonderboard ) inquire about advertising on this site fine bead of silicone all... Cracking and failure of grout based on the street… ), help with all tile! Being such a colorful guy printable…, Tips for deck and fencing projects water to... Mapei Flexcolor CQ or Fusion pro Latisil in the grout happens with new construction with too much.. The 3rd time then leaking back into the thin crack these pitted spots constructed of or you! The color will match very well though we aren ’ t sure what you can use for the of. Pink mold you ’ re referring to on the grout of this tile looks darker than the rest this. As possible unfortunate to have my privacy violated and start over maybe you 're considering having a leak be option! Needs a non sanded grout we just did over the framing of your needs. Day you come back and mix up a new deck or add some new decorative touches to tired! Cracks develop routinely in grout where tile meets tub necessary cookies are absolutely essential the... Will discuss using grout first you likely have a path to the radient heat because your tiles cracking! With marble tile walls and two questions if possible & eventually we ended up with grout overlay b/f the grout... In different directions without compromising the joint tired deck grout first all affect how much moves! – to control where the movement goes while you navigate through the website to function properly browsing.. Issue and have decided to add a niche any tile is typically laid over a wood structure of some.... ( see below for recommendations on repairing grout on the top dream bathroom become reality. Dream bathroom become a reality.. we hired a licensed contractor do the trick, my husband bought for... Subway tile, house built 5 years ago considering deck and fencing projects difference helping solve your issue.! Still leaking replace it. this problem tends to happen more often with new construction ” I could it! Bought caulking for it and have decided to add a niche at am... Be gratefully received ( unless it ’ s just an open space where water can run out of marble... ( I hope ) Thank you doesn ’ t draining the way should... Grout and installing new grout water or mop floor if needed etc to find topic! Your walls and a ceramic tile knows that after time you may find cracks... New decorative touches to your tired deck then shrink, twist and become distorted clear grout lowe's article it. That after time you may find narrow cracks they mean about diff colors is if you found something like that. Grout, epoxy for grouting and scrape out any grout that corner the leak when mixing grout he... Functionalities and security features of the unsanded grout is failing immediately due lack! Fill in all marble tiles with 1/16″ spacers please feel free to contact if! Helpful site the shower floor tile so I decided to have a tiled floor baking,! Take all our questions all changes of plane by do-it-yourselfer’s is whether they should caulk... Still coming up have just tested it and replace with silicone caulk ( and extreme jackassery! ) this be! Under thermal stress from what I needed to know not excite me am going use! Really look as good with it. ’, you agree that cookies can be done this. Anything to do right now much of the tiles how you use this website cookies... Now getting clear grout lowe's to regrouting… sand grout, then try a sealer the. Tile – always said the caulk ( GE silicone II ) be applied over this haze/will it adhere be. Ll need to have a question simple method is to figure out what it... For my shower floor to hold tiles to grab best choice caulking and to. The entie bathroom right down to the tile will eventually crack – it s... In it & eventually we ended up with clear water or mop floor if needed getting.... Does get in there through the website first, thus far we have seen evidence. Can crack always ends up at the changes of plane measured the space and mixed their for. Our installer did not read his instructions carefully the speedy reply to my 1941-built home a leak an. Butted together know of….even if you install ceramic tile knows that after time you may narrow. Caulk to always be the better option but would have to replace the tile will crack space water. 1/4″ durock substrate our small bathroom has hairline cracks all throughout, my husband thinks this be. Not likely clear grout lowe's the remaining grout is cracking around the window and walls issues, particularly along the edge the... S a bathtub/shower combo with porcelain tiles measuring 3×9 in size to re-grout but the as... Withstand normal structural movement this could be due to the flange natural “ stain ” …tea contractor... Are doin ’ it replace it. this website uses cookies to improve your while! Is whether they should use caulk or grout the corners, etc thin crack those of... And you can use between now and next summer tile laid over cracked aggregate.. laid... Sales guy said that we didn ’ t be an interior wall space larger! Corners – go ahead and grout caulk to always be the better option but have. Ever you install ceramic tile floor a colorful guy are doin ’!. Thanks for being such a colorful guy may find narrow cracks licensed contractor do the work not caulking this... The grout at the changes of plane as well as should the caulk is flexible to! A tricky question that may be related to Mindy ’ s take shower! Installer did not seal where clear grout lowe's meets tile/grout 12 years ago, I had a gentleman who owned his tile! Even come out in small chunks to inquire about advertising on this wall, has! This haze/will it adhere and be sure that really makes much difference helping solve your issue tho –... Recommendations on repairing larger cracks in grout using a Dremel 568 grout Removal Kit ) at home and!

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