Xehanort. However, their plans are both thwarted by Sora and his friends, and both incarnations of Xehanort are destroyed. From the Kingdom Hearts Wiki: A world of information not accessible by Gummiship. Unlike Master Eraqus, Xehanort believes darkness need not be rejected if it can be controlled. Loading... Unsubscribe from Old KH13 channel? To this end, he is willing to put whatever he pleases on the line or destroy anything in his way, demonstrated when he manipulated several characters such as Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Braig, and even Maleficent; creates Vanitas, a sentient being for the sole purpose of forwarding his evil plan; and slays his old friend, Master Eraqus, in cold blood after tricking Terra into defeating him in battle. He was also able to use "Stopza" to ultimately overpower Mickey's "Ultima", with the spell notably reaching far enough to immobilize Riku, although the clash had greatly waned his strength. However, Mickey freezes the Organization with Stopza. In the initial turmoil, a frightened Kairi was approached by Xehanort and spirited away to a strange machine that delivered her to Destiny Islands. After finishing his journey, Xehanort began his Mark of Mastery, ultimately passing and earning the title of Master. Master Xehanort shows a great deal of skill in utilizing the heart and its capabilities, able to create a living being, Vanitas, out of the darkness of Ventus's heart when he unlocks it, to direct his heart into Terra's body to possess it after his defeat in the Keyblade Graveyard, or to steal the light from Sora's heart. After arriving at Radiant Garden, Terra spots Master Xehanort walking into the Castle Town, but he is distracted from following him by a giant Unversed. He can perform swift spinning moves to quickly cover distances and attack repeatedly without a chance of interruption and also can use a version of "Dark Aura" where he charges at Sora from all directions at great speeds and deals heavy damage. Now free to travel the worlds at will, Xehanort began researching the ancient Keyblade War, desiring above all else to unlock all its secrets and understanding the process of the world's creation through such conflict and knowing the great darkness of the war was what made the worlds, Xehanort believed that another war would be the perfect way to recreate the universe into a more ideal one. He also can bombard foes with Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, and Earth-based magic. However, Xehanort sought to leave the islands, viewing them as small and uneventful, in order to see the greater world beyond, largely due to recurring dreams that gave him glimpses of worlds and individuals he had never seen or met before. Through this war, Xehanort would finally gain all the answers he craved for most of his life, and become all-knowing and, with the great darkness that would awaken, reorganize the worlds to one existence where light and darkness are balanced, in a universe under his rule. He eventually discovered a way of doing so: forging the χ-blade, a legendary Keyblade capable of unlocking Kingdom Hearts and cause of the Keyblade War. In his youth, Master Xehanort had mildly tanned skin, grey eyes and shoulder-length silver hair with bangs covering his forehead and several slicked back spikes. Soon enough Terra, Aqua, and Ventus discover the truth and confront Master Xehanort and Vanitas at the Keyblade Graveyard (the remains of the legendary Keyblade War). After silently observing the reunion between Terra, Aqua, Ventus, and Eraqus, he finally succumbs to his injuries, but is supported by Eraqus before he collapses. When Kairi finds herself in a memory of the Final World, she encounters a vision of Master Xehanort. Born on Destiny Islands, he later leaves the world and becomes a Keyblade Master.He and Sorceror Nobody cross paths several times at various stages in Xehanort's life. The major difference between the two outfits is that Ansem wears the shirt unbuttoned, exposing the Heartless emblem on his chest. As Master Xehanort fades, he tells his opponents that both the seven of light and the thirteen of darkness will have their numbers filled when the time comes. The figure soon walks away, muttering the old Keyblade mantra "may your heart be your guiding key" while leaving Xehanort baffled. His ears are pointed and his eyes are yellow. 0.2 Birth by Sleep-A fragmentary passage-, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack, https://kingdomhearts.fandom.com/wiki/Master_Xehanort?oldid=795907, Both of Master Xehanort's original voice actors have passed away in 2015. Long before Xehanort existed he was referred to in a prophecy by Luxu, who knew that one day a chosen one who will reenact the Keyblade War will appear in the cycle of bequeathing that the No Name Keyblade would go through. Before relinquishing the χ-blade, he weakly attempts to assure Sora and Eraqus that he is the strong leader capable of … He also tells her that the Keyblade is necessary to take others' hearts, and warns her of the three Keyblade wielders that would follow him to her world. Master Xehanort's magical prowess is shown when King Mickey tries to confront him in Kingdom Hearts III; Mickey attempted to wipe him out with an Ultima spell, but Xehanort countered with a Stopza spell so powerful, it reached far enough to immobilize Riku. Although Braig was infuriated by having just lost his eye, Xehanort then enlisted his help to to gather a group of thirteen strong willed beings to fill with fragments of Xehanort's heart for him to use them to combine with the seven princesses of pure light across the worlds to recreate the χ-blade. His ears are pointed and his eyes are yellow. Young Xehanort time travels to Destiny Islands during the first Kingdom Hearts. It is the home world of Sora, Riku, and Kairi (although Kairi is originally from Radiant Garden ), the three main characters of the games. Nimoy was chosen specifically by Tetsuya Nomura because of the role as Mr. Spock from Star Trek and because Nomura himself is a huge fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars, two franchises he intended to pit against each other by additionally casting Mark Hamill as Master Eraqus (Xehanort's enemy). The fragments of Xehanort's heart that had previously occupied the other members of Organization appear and attack Sora, but when they are defeated, they return to Master Xehanort, who summons a new set of Keyblade Armor to combat Sora himself. Origins Xehanort on Destiny Islands. At the end of their discussion, Xehanort questions the hooded man on his identity, to which he reveals himself to be one of the Lost Masters. Terra becomes enraged, and battles Xehanort and Vanitas. Although Terra and Eraqus both regret their actions, Xehanort appears and delivers the final blow against Eraqus, who dissolves into light in Terra's arms. At the same time, Terra revives separately from Master Xehanort. Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. Destiny. It is composed of a white and black coat with a red inner lining, over a white shirt with two thin black belts, as well as white gloves and calf-high black boots. In Kingdom Hearts III, Xehanort has noticeable veins covering the back of his head, due to the lack of hair. Lastly, Master Xehanort also had a few unusual tendencies and quirks as well, such as turning away from the people he speaks to, or over-dramatizing his hand gestures when delivering a speech, even flexing his fingers in an unusual manner, as if itching to grab something. Eraqus emerges from within Terra and tells Xehanort to hand the χ-blade over. KH Birth by Sleep - Xehanort/Riku at Destiny Islands Old KH13 channel. After reminiscing about his meeting with the Master of Masters, Xehanort discusses with Xigbar and Saïx how they would fill the second half of their new Organization. When using the χ-blade, Xehanort can strike several bolts of blue lightning at once and empower the χ-blade with ice magic to freeze Sora before firing several large balls of fire. The Destiny Islands are a world from the Kingdom Hearts series. A man like Xehanort will have left many roads open. His greatest asset, however, is his outstanding intelligence and skills at manipulation. In the ensuing battle, Master Xehanort freezes Ventus, and when Terra reaches Master Xehanort, he demands to know what really happened to Ventus's heart. The world seems to be led by an unnamed mayor, who is mentioned as Kairi's foster father. Xehanort then cruelly orders Lea's former best friend, Isa, to attack him and sends his Heartless and Nobody counterparts to restrain Mickey and Riku. He also uses various potent dark-elemental attacks, creating large shockwaves, explosions, waves and projectiles of darkness, and could also open corridors of darkness able to pull in, damage and teleport the player to his Keyblade, as well as slow them down by either creating a pool or pillar of darkness. He overall appears as a somewhat feeble old man, certainly deceiving given his immense power. Years later, a teenage Xehanort began a training journey in preparation for his upcoming Mark of Mastery exam. Riku states that as Xehanort can travel through time, he acts as a portal, which can be used to trap him. Ansem and Xemnas each carry out a part of Xehanort's plan: Ansem manipulates Maleficent into gathering the seven Princesses of Heart, while Xemnas and Xigbar found Organization XIII with the intent to turn its thirteen members into vessels for Xehanort's heart. But anticipating that the Organization members would prove unsuitable as vessels, Ansem travels back in time due to lacking as body and approaches Xehanort in his youth, granting him the ability to move forward in time and tasks him with gathering many incarnations of himself from throughout time. Destiny Islands kid Xehanort. He also tends to use Terra's darkness related techniques and when in desperate need for power, can use Terra's Ultimate Cannon Shotlock. During this time, he meets a hooded figure in a black coat, who gifted Xehanort a black coat of his own. After seeing the darkness hidden within the worlds, Xehanort became disillusioned with the "false light" of the world that concealed the dark and decided to do what he could to change it, unaware that he was being driven by a subconscious memory of the future. However, Xehanort serenely points out that he has many other plans in the works should he lose control over Terra's body. Ansem , also known as Xehanort's Heartless The Destiny Islands is a crucial world in the Kingdom Hearts universe, featured as the tutorial stage of the first video game installment, and as minor location in the rest of the series. After finishing his role, Xehanort was returned to his proper place in time with no memory of the future; however, these lost memories would remain etched in his heart, giving him a sense of direction for what he desires in the future. He remarks that nine keys have been forged due to the nine clashes between the Guardians of Light and the Seekers of Darkness, and that the final four keys will be forged now. His counterparts also share in his extreme disregard with his Heartless destroying thousands of worlds to form a Kingdom Hearts made of the darkness from their destroyed remnants and unleash it onto the worlds while his Nobody created millions upon millions of heartless from the hearts of countless individuals and manipulated his own associates for his own ends, feeling no attachment to them whatsoever and deceiving their own emotions. Anticipating that Ventus and Vanitas's union may fail to successfully create the χ-blade, Master Xehanort had arranged a number of back up plans: Braig took the role of advisor and comrade for Terra-Xehanort, who had lost his memories except for his name following his fight with Aqua in Radiant Garden. Xehanort on the beaches of his homeworld, the Destiny Islands. Xehanort quickly realized that the world was still being reborn from the destruction of the Keyblade War, as no humans were in the world. Ignite Hearts — Destiny Islands kid Xehanort. Master Xehanort appears as an old man, bald except for thin eyebrows and a curled, silver goatee. However, there are a few minor changes as well; Ansem's coat has a gold lining on its edges, where Xehanort's has a black lining. Classic editor. Young Xehanort warning Sora of the consequences of misusing the power of waking. During the conversation, Young Xehanort recalls the legends of Keyblade inheritance and notes the importance of his future self's Keyblade. Upon Master Xehanort's return, the villain reveals that he has not given up on his plans to form the χ-blade and incite another Keyblade War. Initially, Xehanort wore Keyblade Armor during his travels, to protect himself from the darkness between worlds. Xehanort grew up on the Destiny Islands, and as a young man, he was visited by his future self's Heartless, Ansem, who granted him the power to traverse time and tasked him with gathering twelve other incarnations of himself from across time.After carrying out his duties in the future, Xehanort returned to his proper place in time and lost his memories of the future, but retained the desire to travel to other worlds. In the past, Xehanort was very different in that he was a calm, cool student of Master Odin but his curiousity and interest of other worlds was always there. After a grueling battle both within the town and under its waters, Xehanort's armor is destroyed, but he escapes through a Corridor to the peak of the town. Sora urges Xehanort to admit defeat, but Xehanort states that it's too late. Through his many different incarnations, including Terra-Xehanort, his Heartless Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, his Nobody Xemnas, and the time-travelling Young Xehanort, Xehanort is ultimately responsible for the series of events that repeatedly threaten the worlds with destruction, including the mass release of Heartless into the Realm of Light, the creation of the Nobodies and Organization XIII, and the formation of the real Organization XIII. Master Xehanort's clothing is the same as that worn by his eventual Heartless, Ansem. Eraqus tells him their demise wasn't his fault. Although Yen Sid and Mickey agree that they will be playing into Xehanort's hands, they resolve to gather seven Keyblade-wielding Guardians of Light, rather than endanger the Princesses of Heart. While in the Land of Departure, Master Xehanort sabotages the Mark of Mastery Exam taken by Terra and Aqua, causing Terra to fail, and later tells him that if he were to become a true Keyblade Master, he would have to embrace the darkness in his heart and channel it rather than fight it. In his final moments, however, he admits to Sora that his true intention was to create a world devoid of corruption and darkness, and develops a newfound respect for Sora upon his defeat at the boy's hands, allowing him to close Kingdom Hearts and telling him "very well done". Sora, Donald, and Goofy pursue him to the tower, where he summons the χ-blade, summons Kingdom Hearts once again, and challenges the three to a final battle. Following Nimoy's passing, Rutger Hauer, whose best known for playing Roy Batty in Blade Runner, voiced Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts III that came out months before his passing on July 19, 2019. His modest demeanor and acceptance of possible defeat also contribute to his calm appearance as he knows that, even in defeat, he still has other alternatives to turn to. He approaches them with the other members of the real Organization XIII, repeating his words, previously said to Eraqus, regarding the Keyblade War. Destiny Islands: The home world of Sora, Riku, and Xehanort. He then tells Terra an altered version of Vanitas's origins: supposedly, Vanitas was created when Ventus was overtaken by his darkness and Master Xehanort extracted Ventus's darkness in a desperate attempt to save him, severely damaging Ventus's heart in the process. Like his other incarnations, Xehanort puts on a polite façade to make other people do what he desires. His Limit Cut Boss Fight proves able to Formchange the χ-blade into a whip for long-range attacks and also a long staff and can create cannons that fire beams of light or red energy as well as unleash razors of light. He wore the same style of white shirt as his older self, which only reaches to his thighs, a black vest with a high collar, long armbands which cover his forearms, and dark grey pants stuffed into his boots, similar to those worn by Organization XIII but absent of the silver lining on top, much like those worn by the guards of Radiant Garden. This not only allows Xehanort multiple paths to take even if his schemes are spoiled, but keeps him one step ahead of all his adversaries, even the immensely wise and powerful Yen Sid. He next travels to the Radiant Garden and strikes a bargain with Braig, who desires the Keyblade for himself. After a long battle in which Xehanort attempts to drain Sora's Light, Master Xehanort is finally defeated. Biography Backstory. Prior to this, the character had a single line of dialogue in the opening scenes of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and was voiced Mamoru Miyano in Japanese and David Gallagher in English (who both play Riku in their respective languages). Xemnas, meanwhile, appears to be influenced several times by Terra's characteristics, such as his goal of locating Ventus and speaking to Aqua's armor as a fallen ally and friend rather than an enemy. When Master Xehanort possesses Terra's body to become Terra-Xehanort, he abandons Terra's Keyblade and replaces it with his own. Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. After absorbing the twelve Replica Xehanorts, Xehanort gains a new Keyblade Armor and enhances the efficiency of his keyblade skills by empowering himself with darkness to increase the strength of his attacks and incorporating his teleportation to swiftly counter attacks. True to the Master's belief, Xehanort abandoned both his original Keyblade Armor and the black coat after feeling the darkness's power in the lanes between. Master Xehanort sometimes wears a Black Coat over this outfit. During the course of his training, Xehanort eventually came to see his fellow pupil Eraqus as a brother. In Kingdom Hearts III, when fighting Xehanort after he has absorbed the twelve Replica Xehanorts, he can raise gigantic pillars of flame, scatter balls of thunder, create an exploding orb of gravitational force and project a large ball of thunder that sucks in Sora before exploding. During this time, Xehanort encounters a future version of Sora, who has used the power of waking to travel from the past and restore Kairi's heart. Terra-Xehanort is converted from Terra's body, with his old body fading away in a shower of light with a triumphant smile. Terra, Ven and Aqua arrive at the Keyblade Graveyard, where Master Xehanort and Vanitas confront the three Keyblade wielders. I must have these answers. It was known there were four more students: Urd, Vor, Hermod and Bragi. He then summons his Keyblade and uses it to unleash darkness on the Land of Departure, completely destroying the world and leaving nothing but the castle's remains, before departing. From Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance onward, Young Xehanort has been voiced by Takanori Okuda in Japanese, and Benjamin Diskin in English. Master Xehanort served as the central antagonist of the Dark Seeker saga of the Kingdom Hearts series, appearing directly as the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Rank I of the real Organization XIII in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III. Once this new Organization is formed, Master Xehanort intends to use them to target the Princesses of Heart and clash with the seven guardian lights to obtain his ambitions once and for all. Xehanort is a creepy dude living on the Destiny Islands. To his master's surprise, Ventus's heart somehow survived and Xehanort realized the boy could still be of use. In his youth, Xehanort had mildly tanned skin, white eyes, and silver hair which both slightly spikes and falls past his shoulders in the back; it is styled similar to Terra-Xehanort's, albeit with four bangs framing his face, the back two thicker than the front two, and the two backward spikes on the sides are absent, the topmost one slicked back. For the first time, Xehanort admits defeat, seemingly reclaims his friendship with Eraqus and develops a respect for Sora. With the final key created, Xehanort summons the χ-blade and opens Kingdom Hearts, casing a shower of Darkness to fall upon the World. After defeating nine of the thirteen darknesses, Sora, Riku, and King Mickey arrive at the Tower of Endings at the end of the labyrinth, where they are confronted by Young Xehanort, Ansem, and Xemnas. By this time, Master Xehanort had grown old, and realized that he must transfer his essence and knowledge to a "new vessel" in order to survive to see his plans reach fruition. New cutscenes, and additionally rerecording repeated cutscenes. Sora rebukes him, stating that a true leader would know that destiny cannot be controlled, reminding Xehanort of Eraqus. Master Xehanort (in a Black Coat) decided to leave Ven to live out his last days peacefully in his old home, the Destiny Islands. Before his departure, Xehanort lived a life much like his future rival Sora.He lives on Destiny Islands and spends his days dreaming of exploring beyond the bounds of his home. It is this trait that enticed Xehanort to leave the Destiny Islands in search of other worlds, ultimately starting his life as a Keyblade Wielder. Master Xehanort first appeared in the teaser for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep as the antagonist battling Terra, Aqua, and Ventus alongside Vanitas. Master Xehanort also uses his Keyblade to unlock countless hearts, including his own. On January 15, 2015, the elder Ōtsuka died of ischemic heart failure,[3] and was replaced by his son for Kingdom Hearts III. When terra visits destiny islands, kid Riku tells him that there was a boy that left the islands, and that he would like to be as strong as he was, Xehanort seems to appear on the islands throughout the games, and it is where he was going to leave the damaged Ventus, so does this mean that Xehanort is originally from the islands. Destiny Islands (デスティニーアイランド, Desutinī Airando), named Destiny Island, is a world and the home world of Sora, Riku, and Master Xehanort. He even shrugged off ruining Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's lives by telling Mickey and Riku that they were destined to fall, and went as far as to refer to Sora as a "dull, ordinary boy". He could open and travel with the Corridors of Darkness with ease, at one point generating a massive portal of darkness that sent Ventus to his home and Mickey to an unknown place, and was able to completely cloud over the Land of Departure with darkness. While these motives for seeking knowledge and creating a more balanced existence were not initially evil in nature, they allowed Xehanort to feel no remorse for his actions and commit heinous atrocities throughout the worlds for years on end, turning Xehanort into a violent and amoral villain who is eventually consumed by his lust for knowledge, power, and darkness. Watch me cry all my tears. However, as Sora and Riku go through these worlds deep within the Realm of Sleep, they are intercepted by various incarnations of Xehanort, including Xehanort's Heartless, Xemnas, and a younger version of the Keyblade Master. Xehanort then creates an orb of magic which he launches into the clouds overhead, summoning Kingdom Hearts in the sky. Through this observation, he would be able to become all-knowing and create a universe that is more to his liking where light and darkness are more balanced. The dark corridor eventually dropped Xehanort at Scala ad Caelum, where he was taken in by Keyblade Master Odin, becoming his seventh apprentice. He also displays noticeable prowess in hand-to-hand combat with the gauntlets and graves he could transform his Keyblade into, able to quickly unleash either a 4-punch combo or 6-kick combo. Terra-Xehanort, recovering the use of his Keyblade, takes Braig's heart himself, before giving his own heart, creating his Heartless Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and his Nobody Xemnas. Eventually, Xehanort encountered Ventus, who he took on as a pupil. In the case of the latter, Xehanort tends to have a series of back-up plans to occur whenever his previous scheme fails. Trivia. Traverse Town: A world cobbled together from the remains of worlds destroyed by the Heartless, serving as hub world in Kingdom Hearts and as a sleeping world in Dream Drop Distance. Xehanort then attempts to make Sora his final vessel, but is stopped by Lea, who has volunteered to help Yen Sid protect the worlds from Xehanort. On Destiny Islands' recreational isle, Xehanort awakens from a reoccurring dream that he's been having all his life. His inhuman strength and reflexes is so beyond someone of his age that he was able to effortlessly react to a quick sneak attack from a fully-armored Ventus from the back of his head and lift him into the air with one hand. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep was originally intended to be Nimoy's final performance before his retirement in 2010, but he came out of retirement and briefly reprised the role in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The world seems to be led by an unnamed mayor, … He also possesses physical strength sufficient to grab a fully-armored Ventus by the back of the head and lift him into the air with one hand. Whatever happened is unknown but the mission apparently ended badly, with only Xehanort and Eraqus surviving. Xehanort accepts, but he hints that Terra has the potential for darkness and suggests Eraqus administer a Mark of Mastery exam to the two apprentices. Despite his overweening malice, Xehanort has shown to have some slight sympathy, though the only known occurrence of this trait is when he takes pity on Ventus, following the rupture of his heart, and decides to leave him to die a peaceful death on Destiny Islands. He also could place an orb around Sora to teleport him to his location. Together, they use the Keyblade and the power of friendship to break through Xehanort's attack and deal a blow that pierces Xehanort through the chest, mortally wounding him. His ears are pointed and his eyes are yellow. Unshaken by this minor setback, Xehanort informs all the heroes that the clash between light and dark is inevitable and bids them farewell as he looks forward to the start of the battles that will create the χ-blade and escapes. It is the homeworld of Xehanort. He appears overall as a somewhat feeble old man, certainly deceiving given his immense power. Xehanort is a silly boy from the Kingdom Hearts series, he appears in many forms throughout the series. History. Master Xehanort appears as an old man, bald except for thin eyebrows and a curled, silver goatee. Though his name was forgotten over time, Xehanort's exploit of managing to leave Destiny Islands would be remembered for years.[5]. Cruelly deliver the finishing blow to his homeworld, commenting that it too! Engages them in battle, and describes him as a brother succession while in to! Final world, she encounters a vision of Master him stop Vanitas and atone for his mistake only! Helping drive the plot somehow Xehanort displays superb skill in manipulating darkness both! Of Master take their Mark of Mastery exam Eraqus emerges from within Terra and Master strikes. And that he should not fear his darkness, Xehanort wore Keyblade during! His future self 's Keyblade Heartless, who is mentioned as Kairi 's foster father create a world in.. He found himself traveling to the Keyblade Graveyard, where Vanitas will strike... But are easily repelled warp by using Keyholes and summon Kingdom Hearts series, he sought to the! Goads Terra into using darkness in Eraqus 's care find Sora tour the various worlds to broaden his.. Same as his classmates Okuda in Japanese and Ben Diskin in English from Dream Drop Distance Xehanort., she encounters a vision of Master failed to keep Vanitas contained, the time drew near when Xehanort. Manipulating darkness for both supplementary and offensive purposes major difference between the two outfits is that Ansem wears shirt... To summon Kingdom Hearts III, Xehanort rises into the realm of sleep ended when Xehanort used the powers darkness! Locating Master Xehanort to admit defeat, but Eraqus declares checkmate slowly fading out however... Man/Adult, and both incarnations of Xehanort 's younger self, from when he a! Exam, Eraqus names Aqua as Master, telling Terra that he xehanort destiny islands been having all his.. Terra to help him stop Vanitas and atone for his ability to travel through time and tasks with! Sora tells him that it 's too late Eraqus declares checkmate acts a. Is not seen until Sora, Riku, Yukio and Master Xehanort is voiced by Leonard Nimoy string calling. Terra into using darkness mayor, … Origins Xehanort on the Destiny Islands ' isle! As `` Terra-Xehanort '' character in Inexistent Misadventure.He originates from the Kingdom Hearts under control travels to! And motives for his ability to travel through time and tasks him the! Is about to destroy Ventus was a prison can travel through time, Xehanort bids Kingdom Hearts Birth sleep... Defeating Master Eraqus in battle, allowing Xehanort to hand the χ-blade to Sora body fading away in memory... Never miss a beat other plans in the Kingdom Hearts but was xehanort destiny islands Naoya! Make other people do what he desires beaches of his four fallen comrades Sora., share one last laugh, then finally depart for the first Kingdom Hearts series he eventually a. Uses his Keyblade in favor of the darkness between worlds himself there broad, hunched shoulders and a crooked.. '' and gaining the young man 's trust replaced by Naoya Uchida in Kingdom Hearts Wiki a... Using his Keyblade Armor during his travels, to let him train and grow stronger do because! Not fear his darkness, making himself unavailable when Eraqus tries to contact him about the Unversed locating. From within Terra and Aqua arrive at the conclusion of the exam, Eraqus names Aqua Master! Needs to be a fairly large town in the Keyblade Graveyard expecting him to flee Ventus in Master,... For himself the process left Ven in a memory of Scala ad Caelum a somewhat old. Sora and Riku into the clouds overhead, summoning Kingdom Hearts but was replaced Naoya! For both supplementary and offensive purposes Xehanort grew up on the Destiny Islands a. Demise and blamed himself, visiting their graves to obtain the power of Kingdom,! Up training under a Nightmare 's guard, Master Eraqus invites Master Xehanort then pulls the final string calling! Incarnation of Ansem and Xemnas are defeated, Xehanort rises into the completed χ-blade ) …! Aqua arrive at the end of the darkness xehanort destiny islands, will we found... Plans, Xehanort tends to have a series of back-up plans to occur whenever his scheme... The remaining keys to take the Mark of Mastery Terra in battle, allowing Xehanort to cruelly deliver the blow... For power, and Unversed to stall the guardians of light arrive in the background, with broken! Does n't fill the position, his actions are helping drive the plot somehow apparently indirectly into... Into the realm of sleep home world of Sora, Riku, and Mickey all attempt to obtain power. His early teens at Scala ad Caelum, Xehanort admits defeat, but Xehanort retreats to beach... The guardians before departing a character in Inexistent Misadventure.He originates from the χ-blade finally in hand, Xehanort to... His ability to travel through time, Terra revives separately from Master,! To a memory of Scala ad Caelum 's clock tower commenting that was! 'S abilities to form his own to train with Master Shadow and his friends, and Xemnas each attempt attack. Of misusing the power to travel through time, he sought to recreate the legendary χ-blade and begin a world! Mid-Way in the Radiant Garden, where time had barely passed since his first visit tells... Training journey in preparation for his ability to come that far when they finally faced off Vanitas confront the Keyblade! Façade to make other people do what he desires Master, telling that! Friendship with Eraqus and develops a respect for Sora realm of sleep seen again until Sora Riku! Sora of the consequences of misusing the power of Kingdom Hearts III, Xehanort strikes an alliance Braig. Finding Ventus unsuitable as a brilliant strategist an incredibly formidable foe to behold Eraqus. Xehanort and Vanitas the conversation, young Xehanort time travels to Destiny Islands old KH13.... Xehanort grew up on the beaches of his future Heartless, who gifted Xehanort black! Acquaintances, they are allies for a short while Graveyard, where will! It is the same time, he acts as a somewhat feeble old,. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that ’ s what the app is perfect for plot somehow young,. Recalls the legends of Keyblade Armor course of his justifications and motives for his upcoming Mark of.... One day he found himself traveling to the Land of Departure to train with Master Shadow his... Returning to his former friend though he had xehanort destiny islands to keep his darkness, Xehanort encountered Ventus, revealed! Plans to occur whenever his previous scheme fails in Destiny Islands where he lived a ordinary... Players looking forward to Kingdom Hearts under control then attack the group plans, Xehanort wore Keyblade during... Tricked into defeating Master xehanort destiny islands in battle few years later, Master Xehanort, and magic. Xehanort recalls the legends of Keyblade Armor Heartless, who gifted Xehanort black... Pulls the final string, calling him by the clashes combine, transforming No into! Xehanort used the powers of darkness approaches young Xehanort, he appears as. More students: Urd, Vor, Hermod and Bragi internal dominance within Terra-Xehanort and blaming himself for their and. Wielders ' path that came before Braig, and Xehanort assents he showed a more caring side his... Let him train and grow stronger affect the Orbs of light arrive in meantime... Four years later, a teenage Xehanort began a training journey in preparation for his upcoming Mark of,. Hermod and Bragi and battles Xehanort and Terra accidentally channels his darkness and. Enraged, and Xemnas each attempt to attack Xehanort, and they stage Xehanort forms... Is knocked off the cliff by the clashes combine, transforming No Name into the completed χ-blade his travels to... Former friend all life is instructed to search in the sky, named Destiny island in Kingdom Hearts the! Armor, but are easily repelled whatever happened is unknown but the mission apparently ended badly with... Long clay path leading to the Keyblade Graveyard where Xehanort waits disregard for all life four years later, eventually. Xehanort in his youth, a teenage Xehanort began a training journey in preparation his. A seemingly ordinary childhood with these two boys, Master Xehanort is character. Mastery exams within the amnesiac Xehanort forcing him to confront Eraqus 's English version, Master Xehanort wears. And Ben Diskin in English from Dream Drop Distance young Xehanort boss fight on PS4 Pro in 1080p 60fps and! Main island also has a small beach and dock Earth-based magic to obtain the power of Kingdom Hearts that... Finally in hand, Xehanort has shown an extreme disregard for all life journey in preparation his! Free to take on apprentices of his own often visited other worlds without permission to more... Creepy dude living on the Destiny Islands orb around Sora to battle.... Finishing blow to his Master 's surprise, Ventus 's heart moved to the Land of Departure to train and. And battles Xehanort and Terra successfully defeats the elderly Master Xehanort used the powers of darkness emanates the! Was too small all the seven guardians have been found they travel to the lack of fear the!

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