Its letters are tall and … Try cutting out a few things that aren’t directly relevant to the job at hand and see if you can make your resume a little easier on the eyes with a larger font. They’re also frequently used to share quantitative data, like “Grew quarterly sales by 13%.”. Alternatives: Adelle Sans is similar to Open Sans and is a great substitute. It’s frequently rated as one of the more attractive typefaces. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. Its letters are wide, and several of them have quirky flourishes, like the sloped “v” and curliqued Q. Pros: Avant Garde is interesting enough to stand out while remaining readable for the web. 2. Every font belongs to a “family” of fonts, which have similar characteristics and leave similar (though not identical) impressions. And the guide on how to download them is priceless. They aren’t seeing you in person, and there are no other context clues to give them any other ideas than what you present them with–even something as seemingly small as format or font. [But] what I get most excited about is the content. To Glory's point, certain more creative roles might benefit from a more unique font than Times New Roman. When in doubt, select a contemporary sans serif typeface and a 12-14-pt. Stay away from fonts … Looking pro: 12 fonts for a clean, professional look on résumés, cover letters, and even business cards. Next, we’ll go over how to make the best possible impression with your resume typeface. Examples of fantasy typefaces include Impact and Western. It’s a solid choice for creative types and people who want to highlight their unique personalities. It comes down to efficiency and improving our odds. Certain fonts in this category might be rarely used in professional settings, but in the vast majority of cases, these are used for graphic design or marketing materials rather than cover letters or CVs. Cons: Open Sans is widely perceived as “flat” or “neutral,” which can be a very good thing for a resume. Many have said that Arial is clean and easy to read. Those that belong to the Sans Serif category are considered easy-to-read fonts that … We've got you covered with 10 free resume templates. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. @cforsey1. Using a single font will ensure that things are consistent and that they look good. The typeface was inspired by 16th-century design and is often used in print. You may have noticed that a few of the fonts I recommended don’t show up when you try to find them in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Just as we discussed in the previous section, even “silent” choices like font and formatting can convey tone as easily as your word choice. Here’s how to add custom fonts to Microsoft Word: Adding new fonts to Google Docs is much easier. When your name lands on an employer’s desk or in their inbox, you want them to come away with a great impression of you! Because everything they see about you will be written in your chosen font, it will make a much bigger difference than you might imagine! And because you’ve already put so much thought and effort into your resume, you don’t want something small like font selection to have a negative impact. Given that resumes are essentially marketing documents, I wondered to what extent the research might also apply to fonts you might use in your resume. It looks great everywhere, maximizes readability, and does not belong to any specific industry. Establish a pattern with your style choices right away, and your reader will follow your lead. ", Kelsey Freedman, a Sales Recruiter at HubSpot, concurred -- "Honestly, I don't care much about the font of a resume, as long as it's clear and in PDF format. When it comes to resume font, size, and color, there is no one size fits all. No matter how much you might want to include your high school volunteer history, it’s much more important that a recruiter sees only the most relevant and applicable education and work experience right away–no muss, no fuss. You don’t have to take my word for it, either. Avenir Next and Muna are two great options if you are looking to break the status quo.". Alternatives: Brandon Grotesque and Open Sans are both similar to Lato. Open Sans, released in 2011, is one of Google’s signature fonts. Alternatives: Use Calvert in place of Museo if you’re looking for a similar vibe. Alternative: Arial, which is the default typeface for Google Docs, is somewhat similar to Calibri in its optimal readability for the web. While you might make a different decision for your resume font in your job search–if you’re in an ultra-traditional and more conservative profession that expects a high level of formality, for example — sans serif fonts are generally the best option. It’s also similarly straightforward and legible. They cut out all the extra distraction and get right to the point, just like you want to do in your job search. However, it's important to note most recruiters I spoke with were hesitant to even offer a font at all. Now that you know what font you’re going to use to convey your value, it’s time to make those updates! For instance, I'd stay clear of Comic Sans. And because your potential employer doesn’t have anything to go on other than what you provide them with, it’s important to make every letter – and every typeface – count. The rule of thumb should be one font per resume. Georgia almost appears to be an “updated” version of TNR. Alternatives: Roboto is somewhat similar in style to Helvetica and Arial. Use a serif font option for your resume if you want it to have a classic, … Cons: Avant Garde is, well, avant garde. Every aspect of an advertisement’s design, from the imagery to the layout, and the way the words appear on the page, should get a potential customer thinking positively about the product or service being sold. Pros: Lato is an increasingly common choice for resumes because of how readable it is. It is professional enough to be serious, but has a touch of brightness in its typeface style. We’ve gone through every aspect of resume fonts, from why they matter in the first place to how to choose the best one to fit your professional goals. 2002–2004. But if you want to stand out a bit or for your resume to have a bit more personality, it might not be the best choice. What’s your opinion on that? To evoke a sense of style, professionalism, and uniqueness, it's critical you put effort and consideration into your font choice. If font and other visual and tonal elements (like resume design, formatting, paragraphs, graphics, and style choices like bold and italics) all give the same consistent message — such as “this applicant has the relevant skills,” “this applicant is reliable and dependable,” or “this applicant is creative and visually-oriented,” that message is likelier to stick in your reader’s brain. Its letters are tall and wide. Finally, it’s versatile: It comes in a variety of weights. Lucinda console. Our brains make connections every second, working overtime to flesh out the meaning of everything we read and see. Monospace fonts have also become a popular design choice in recent years because they’re a bit nostalgic, calling back to the days of typewriters and telegrams. Remember to keep readability and professionalism in mind when you choose a font for your cover letter and CV. Pros: Because it’s open-source, Roboto is free for anyone to use. It also has a more modern look to it than other fonts.Here is a good description from Wikipedia:“Arial contains more humanist characteristics than many of its predecessors and as such is more in tune with the mood of the last decades of the twentieth century.”Example: Overall, I would just stay away from a font like Times New Roman. Another HubSpot recruiter, Rich Lapham, concurred, saying, "I, would stick with the classics like Times New Roman or Arial. Pros: Calibri can be easily read on any computer and won’t mess up the formatting no matter where it’s sent.

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