Wednesday, May 12, 2021

EID Qurban Special Shows


On the occasion of Eid Qurban, Lemar TV will present a variety of special programs. 

Lemar Concerts are the best Pashto concerts across the country. These concerts feature the most famous Pashto singers such as Alia Ansari, Aryan Khan, Haroon Pacha and many more. These concerts will be broadcasted on the 3 nights of EID at 8:30.

Furthermore, a special “Lemar EID Talk Show” called “Akhtar De Najiba Sara” will be presented on all 3 days of EID at 7:30pm. This show will be hosted by our very famous, talented and charming Pashto presenter Najiba Faiz.

A very happy EID Mubarak to you and to your distinguished families on behalf of Lemar TV family!