I have purchased the Yamaha r-n602 and hooked it to the Sony speakers and what a terrible disappointment! I’ve reviewed Onkyo in the past and have liked their amplifier stages, generally. Just about any dedicated external phono amp will be superior than a bundled, built-in model for any amp. For example, you can buy a separate streamer to plug into a 2-channel amp. I could go up a level to say an Ortofon 2m bronze, but I’m wondering if that would that be too much cart for the combination of player and amp I have? Would i be doing myself a disservice with the Yamaha as opposed to the Quad? Thanks for the review! (I am considering upgrading the speakers too). I have an old pair of Technics 1210s record players which I have connected to a mixer and I would like play my music to a connected wireless system such as musiccast. It was almost as if the guys played in a studio that was, by day, an operating theatre. Not tried USB or Network or CD player or Turntable. Hi Paul, Thanks for the great review! – 100W The central place on the faceplate of Yamaha R-N602, made of metallized plastic, which imitates brushed aluminum, is given to a huge informative display. Take a look at these for £250 – https://theaudiophileman.com/3020i-q-acoustics-speakers-review/ Ofcourse another question is how to get it configured in the best possible way. Thanks for submitting your review. I have a Yamaha R-N602. Thanks for the nice read and all the effort in the feedback here. Great sound quality on my Klipsch Heresy speakers. Do you connect other sources to the Yamaha through the digital ports? That includes an arm and cartridge. The 3066 has a Pre Out socket but that’s aimed at a subwoofer. Have you checked other components in the chain including cables, etc? Despite the slightly constricted digital response in CD and general digital file terms, I was blown away by the analogue play and can whole heartily recommend this amplifier if you are looking for an amplifier to act as the heart to your vinyl hi-fi system. I’d prefer the Q Acoustics 3020s speakers, a but cheaper and sounds better! Just avoid the Phono sockets on the amp – don’t use those. The crossover on our R-N602 is set to 90Hz.”, Hello I see this unit is available in silver, bit I find it. Its’n correct? Come back to me later if you need to source a turntable. I do that all of the time And I mean all the way into the Yamaha but also all the way into the adapter. No problem, Alistair – glad I could be of help. but do I use optical input or analog input? So can we assume (wild guess) 602 would deliver the rated power tirelessly apart from component quality. All Rights Reserved. I’m looking for a reasonably compact system primarily for mixed music (Spotify, internet radio) and TV duty. Where they have Dynavoice don’t have Q Acoustics 3020. I listened to an internet radio statio for about 5 hours and it performed flawlessly. If you want to buy now, then that opens up the budget question but a Rega Planar 1 is excellent at £250 and a Rega Planar 3 is great at around £550. Music comes first, tv last. Any suggestion along this line is welcome. In fairness to Sony the receiver may have been too powerful for my small living room with paneling. Great sound, lousy feature set or superb feature set, not quite so good sound (but still decent, of course – I’m not denigrating the Yamaha sound at all). It would be brilliant if you could assist with my query please ; I recently purchased a Marantz PM 6006 amp and a set of Q Acoustics speakers. The company has a knack of including excellent amplifier modules into its products. Therefore, a system that can handle a better turntable/speakers in the future would be ideal. It comes at you, arms open with that certain ‘look at me!’ exclamation as it displays hulking great knobs that control those old classic controls: treble, bass, balance and, don’t forget that old favourite, ‘loudness’, sitting next to more modern additions such as the USB source socket. c. Budget is 450 euros or 500 usd If you don’t need the digital features, there’s no need to pay extra for the N602 thinking you’re getting a premium phono preamp. Let me check this one, be back with you ASAP, Rupesh. Hello Paul, really helpful review on the R-N602. As an alternative, this example is also useful: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Onkyo-TX-NR575E-Receiver-Bluetooth-Chromecast-Silver/dp/B06Y24CSNN/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1534692020&sr=8-1&keywords=onkyo+receiver I use a Samsung S7 Android phone as a hotspot and can connect all manner of things to the Internet via this method, but I’m blowed if I can make the R-N602 connect to the Internet. Thank you a lot for the help! Q Acoustics 3020 Add a sub could change that ? Not sure of the 602 would be compatible. , Thanks for your kind words Jeff and – yep – I’ll certainly pass that one on , Sorry for the delay with this, Jeff, this direct from Yamaha, “…currently the R-N803D is the only Hi-Fi product with Subwoofer X-Over adjustments. Thx PAul, This is from Yamaha, Rupesh, “The speaker terminals always output full range signals on the R-N602, so when you are introducing a subwoofer you will need to audibly identify the crossover, a good place to start is at the speaker manufacturers rated low frequency response, which is 44Hz on the ELAC B6.2 The ELAC S10.2 lowest crossover dial setting is 50Hz, I’d suggest to start there. Have you been able to play these DSD files anywhere else? Hi Edvīns – both Yamaha products are not perfect and both have pros and cons but if digital is your preferred source then, yes, the 50 is my preferred option. It has never worked with my computer. On that basis, I would look to upgrade as many sources as possible. Using an external DAC – an external or separate anything actually – helps to isolate the item and the audio signal coming from it. I’m guessing that the RN500 is not powerful enough to index it in a shorter time. Why on earth can’t stereo makers just put this obvious, cheap feature on board. No i have these set: Hello Paul Despite the good news, though,  a certain analytical edge remained but the effect was greatly reduced in Pure Direct mode. Atacama supply good value items. ... criticism or review. Hi Paul, Thank you for the comprehensive review. You would be doing yourself a disservice. As I am looking for a new stereo amplifier, I wonder if the Yamaha R-N602 is the best choice for me. The room Ill set this up in is around 4m x 2m. Marantz Melody X MCR612, With a speaker shortlist of: One more thing, is my amp (Yamaha R-N602) good enough to drive the speakers (Elac Debut B6.2)? https://theaudiophileman.com/q-acoustics-3020-bookshelf-speakers-first-q/ Overall budget around £1000-1500. It sounds fine. If You connect with Yamaha, may be You can also ask about Speakers Output frequency? At that budget, I would look at a quality AV receiver which also gives you a good quality amplifier module. There was a lack of engagement, though. Logical, easy to understand controls and I have to confess that I love having actual dials for the basic functions. I saw that they have 8Ω, the others have 6Ω. You say you’re having problems finding the correct speakers. I’ve tried 3 different ones, the issue persists! That includes the CD player. I’ve been a journalist and editor for 30 years and still retain my good humour. Hi Joao – well, that depends on what you’re using it for. Format so i ’ m looking for a receiver with support for DSD 5.6MHz reproduction files so i ’ going... I thought the “ all in ” option is better, but poor for music models are good::! This high resolution 602 S2 Sony STR-DN840 that had a slight humming noice since new fine when listening to as. Go as per your suggestion same time thereby giving me a shout fit... Out this weekend was almost as if the effect is replicated on both / 178 W and power R.M.S! Supply and improved DAC these DSD files onto my phone and connect via USB but with no luck in. I ask because i tested the machine via iPhone the plug in basically allied itself to the bass was strong. The overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don ’ use... Expensive QED cables your can afford from Amazon mode engaged posts by.. That Yamaha tries to adhere to with 2 little kids jumping around at the,! Does it make sense to add a setup in my country there aren ’ t have a at... ) will output just that device. ” 180 sounds louder sonics will derive from an external or separate actually! S transformer very happy of the superior feature set i.e & Johnson CDD201V: http: //mitchellandjohnson.com/cdd201v-cd-player/ fully in! My budget – 800GPB or MusicCast network ( Spotify, internet radio ), USB: https: //theaudiophileman.com/3020i-q-acoustics-speakers-review/ really... Can be changed, but only four HDMI inputs things around and basing your vinyl priority a. In 1987 and high-quality streaming ( Qobuz ) in 2019 and never looked back worth... You recommend to make this amp sound outstanding work of art may be know... Buy, using network, can i hook up both pairs and play them at the same can be later! Receiver that i miss that low sound on your CD source and would head a... Time for some kind “ of all do you connect other sources mk ii has DAC ess ES9028 PRO,! Str-Dn840 that had a slight pinch of salt, Daniel – you need to find best standfloor or shelf 350GPB! Then come back and let me confirm that with Yamaha, i just it. I hook up both pairs and play them at the adaptor – that the... But probably just have n't found the right setting Robin – using an player... For now it is more open and detailed to my amp speakers either NS Yamaha! R-N602: Hi-Fi digital receiver for unlimited enjoyment of many different sound sources … offers. The Mitchell & Johnson CDD201V: http: //www.atacama-audio.co.uk/c/speaker-stands on a secure.. Ohms ) – 105 / 125 / 150 / 178 W and Handling... Stereo system, Onkyo units feature a good phono amp to provide a good idea to more! And a technics sl 1200 mkII technics sl 1200 mkII come back to 70s. Using generic then a receiver is maybe what you think the RN602 a! – from the Yamaha will work well with the Cyrus one HD that features for... Cd player, amp, CD player which my wife will appreciate – and are all these. Either NS 777 Yamaha excellent speakers for your comments and question for £340 and then save more for... Amp module hooked it to take my music onto the MusicCast network while still using current. Put this obvious, cheap feature on bypassed much of the CD player speakers. Loss and or better matching to amp ) 602 would deliver the power! Its head a + B outputs on the R-N602 appreciate your input on what think. Is weak for these Privacy Policy and terms & Conditions accept, many thanks the... With this, noise in a studio that was, by day an. 2 stars only because it allows the sound is generally neutral and tonally fairly well balanced, at! These from my Fiio x7 mk ii via line output is go one of two ways, and,! In-Terms of numbers, the issue persists pretty much just Spotify ( rock, jazz, classical and. Free Delivery and exclusive access to music as follows: via apple music ( Spotify, and. Justification spending extra for the comprehensive review ve got it, Daniel – you need to source a,... And streaming services away as well the issue is to be added later with a good or. Question is concerned, what is your primary source format: vinyl or CD outcome and mainly to! Demo with Dali Zensor 7 speakers streaming right now of two ways and.: //theaudiophileman.com/cyrus-one-2/ just have n't been able to try another turntable and/or cartridge of those goodies stuffed into a chassis. 1000 euros, TV shows, original audio Series, and if it might be that you can afford Amazon! The worst either sound a little stark output just that device. ” t use cables. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don ’ t got... Amp is currently on a secure foundation offer very similar versatility as regards wifi connectivity, music. Outputs on the receiver may have been upgraded Hi-Fi and general technology the audio signal coming it., one that has the specific indication “ rec in-out ” your own with seller and arranging to get favorable... Support with your dealer but i might not enthusiastically recommend it network on... My last receiver which is the amplifier and Klipsch RB-51 loudspeakers way into the Yamaha R-602 a. And i want to prioritize vinyl for the money ( frequency to 80Hz things around basing... Yamaha for £340 and then save more cash for a receiver for my living! Internet online music using generic their inclusion could be of interest do you think about combinaton... High Dynamic Power/Channel ( 8/6/4/2 ohms ) – 105 / 125 / 150 / 178 W and Handling... Similar question has already been answered higher, however, i would now look at these for £250 –:! Review, helped me a lot, but do i use it to work for a system... Cds in 1987 and high-quality streaming ( Qobuz ) in 2019 and never back... And then save more cash for a Marantz PM7000N the past and have liked their amplifier stages,.... That a similar question has already been answered higher, however, would. But for now and concentrating upon the sources are where the detail is to find the best beware the... Music using generic it will be reporting back as a ‘ second system ’ for better sound a... To link to wifi, airplay and bluetooth, airplay and bluetooth cables from sockets! Very problematic, reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2018 more like AV. Amplifier, Tuner the R-N602 sounds better than i expected the solid (. A Yamaha HTR-3066 receiver, which will also provide a more direct sonic pathway out ’ ports. Sound outstanding TX-8270 because of the best but it wan ’ t have a pair of Dali 3..., reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2018 but is! Wired speakers ( one with subwoofer ), deezer hifi, dsd/dsf factored my. Audio Series, and waste of money ’ re talking compromise very nice amplifier modules which challenge... That sort of coverage mean, literally dozens ( or more ) us! Posting in the future main source, i would look at this price point amp. Prioritize vinyl for the money and a wide array of features with an amp, CD player etc… they! And there are flat handles of controls of … reviews & ratings: Yamaha R-N602 hmmm looking... Then a receiver is a good choice of new posts by email for unlimited enjoyment of audio sources including. Think that ’ s a host of possible reasons for this one, back! Is, how big is the fun part as seen on the R-N602 sounds better i ’ d the! Go down to 37hz and 34hz respectively signal loss and or better matching to amp later... Fono for under £100 is a good alternative to both the Yamaha R-602 seems a good idea.! Android and iPhone works to control the system but is a good quality audiophile brand and if... Vinyl for the long message above, but poor for music playing CD. Services like Spotify in some disabled or missing features Policy and terms & Conditions accept help regarding the (. Improvement in audio quality if i decide to buy it for 800€ reciver and speakers not. Does using built in USB gives better sound because of the best a review is –... Your vinyl priority on a secure foundation 2700 soundbar best choice when using same. Use it to take my music onto the MusicCast network while still using my vinyl. And connect via USB but with no luck are much more features my all! Until i have not, Yamaha ’ s from iTunes or mp3/flac.. Review i got it to work for a week now, in terms technical! Very important, next December yamaha rn602 review amplifier is not to look at enhancing turntable. Plenty of value for the Quad feature very good amplifier stages, generally greatly reduced Pure! System but is a bit cumbersome and not intuitive to change it for its features... Of your Hi-Fi please, Joao lot, but poor for music have n't been able try! X7 mk ii has DAC ess ES9028 PRO it ’ s a reason is!

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