Break open each blister. Bubbles across your foam roof will look like small or large rounded domes that stick up from the surface. Coating blisters confined to standing water areas are osmotic blisters. All rights reserved. If you are taking the rig to the site, cut out the blisters, foam them and grind them down. Moisture will need to work through the elastomeric coating that sits on top of the foam first. Foam Roof Repair FAQ and TIPS. Use the knife to pop the blister and feel inside with your finger. By examining the underside of a coating blister, look for numerous tiny tendrils indicating the film pulled away from the surface at application. Moisture trapped in roofing plys, insulation, or wood decking — caused by moisture from the living area being lifted by warm air that ultimately condenses on cold roof and deck surfaces — migrates through tiny passages in the ply layers. This is the same process a roofing contractor will use to fix blisters that are baseball sized or smaller and less than a … This means that air bubbles are locked into the foam, and moisture can gather in these open areas. Coating blisters over asphalt emulsion or. the blister becomes too large (~1.5 m), repair is recommended. Water in the coating that has not had time to evaporate provides an avenue for rainwater to penetrate and damage the coating. Recommended preventative measure for each of the various type blisters are as follow: Type A.---Interlaminar – Top Lift Blisters 1. Splits in Roof on Spray Foam Founded in 1933, still family-owned and now certified as a Woman-owned business, Karnak continues to lead the roofing repair and restoration market with … Try to determine why the blistering occurred before recoating, as the blisters may return. In this bulletin, we offer some ideas that may be helpful in dealing with blisters. Allow proper ventilation for the new roof system. These can be caused by a variety of issues which are all avoidable if the roof design is correct and the membrane is correctly installed. If you seal the caulk before it has had a chance to dry fully, the material may form its own blister due to the trapping of moisture against the foam. After you wait 10 days, you should cover the repair with acrylic elastomeric roofing sealer. Moisture trapped in spray-down foam due to deterioration or loss of protective coating. Professional, Expert Roofing Repair for Roof Blisters Roof blisters that contain air are technically keeping moisture out of the substrate and could be left alone, but other roof blisters such as those in seams, high traffic areas, or those with breaks that can admit moisture will need to be repaired. If the area beneath the roof can’t breathe, then moisture may be drawn to the roof deck. They can occur in roof top layers while installation of foam sheath. It seemed like shingles were always peeling off, and it was really discouraging. Apply foam in lifts of 13mm (1/2 inch) or greater. Inspect the damaged area for any moisture and continue cutting away damaged foam until only strong and dry foam remains. These bubbles are often referred to as blisters and they are a sign that moisture has reached the inner layers of the polyurethane material. This can include patching splits and blisters with a product like Western Colloid Elastic Cement and removing any out-of-use equipment. If you are experiencing difficulty using our website, please email us at. Use an Moisture trapped in voids during construction of BUR roofs where ply sheets are not fully sealed by hot mop asphalt can cause blisters between ply sheets. Foam Roof Repair. Clean the work area of dust and other contaminants. Foam roofs are made from spray foam polyurethane by mixing two different materials together. Remove the membrane from the blistered area down to the existing substrate. If the coating is secured over a dirty surface, it can pull away from the foam and possibly peel away from the roof. Some roofing experts maintain it is impossible to build an absolutely moisture tight BUR membrane. Consider venting. Ultimately, sufficient quantities of liquid accumulate, creating pressure that causes liquid-filled blisters to … Small blisters can form when the coating dries so rapidly some of the water can’t evaporate completely before the coating surface cures. This sheath while under the process of coating may trap air bubbles or foam hollow spheres. Use your polyurethane caulk to fill in the opening where the blister was removed. The repairing could include painting, recoating, addition or subtraction of any piece and much more.Let’s talk about defects such as blisters. Remove wet or damaged insulation and repair or replace the deck as required. Osmotic blisters can occur when moisture permeates the coating film from the outside due to continuous or frequent contact with water (i.e. Moisture trapped in spray-down foam due to deterioration or loss of protective coating. If you currently have a foam roof and you notice protrusions or blisters, then you should consider fixing your roof fairly quickly. The first supposedly shows the blisters, which were confirmed by another roofer that we had look at the roof. 2. More Pictures:. Blisters are found in all types of roofing systems including BUR, modified bitumen, single-ply, or those that are liquid applied. If you can get the area clean between the foam and the old roof, spray a thin coat of foam and re-adhere the foam, or cut out the uplifting foam and respray the area, then apply an acrylic coating. What a job! Causes of roofing blisters may vary, and for Arizona residents with new flat roofing systems and annual storms, knowing how to fix blisters, ways for preventing roof blistering on commercial flat roofs, and why roof blisters happen is an important part of regular roof maintenance that keeps their homes protected in this harsh climate. Look for water squishing out of small openings as you walk the roof. For more insight or assistance, contact services like Specialty Commercial Contractors LLC. The most likely causes - … Using a grinding wheel, appropriate saw, or razor knife, taper the cut edge at a 45* angle away from the blister for a smooth tie-in transition with the repair foam. The roofers inspected the area thoroughly, and they did an awesome job with fixing things without making a large mess. After doing some research, repair seems like a better option with a foam roof. You never know, you might be able to boost your home's value without spending more than you think. Insure the roof surface is completely dry before proceeding. Basic Information: A Roof Blister is a pocket of air trapped between the layers of a roof membrane, between the components of a roof assembly, or within a layered roofing product such as an asphalt shingle. If the area feels wet, then use your knife to cut a square around the blister that is about one-half inch larger than the blister on all sides. INTRODUCTION. Install the insulation board snugly to substrate. It can take up to 10 days for the curing process to complete, so wait about 10 days for the material to dry completely. Water passing through the roof system can apply pressure over a wide area and not cause a blister until it finds a weak point. After smoothing them over with 103 Crack & Joint Sealant™, with the owner’s permission, we recoated the roof with white. ITW Global Terms & Conditions of Purchase. If the roof membrane is allowing moisture to enter from below and the original coating was thin and permeable enough to allow moisture to escape, no blisters formed. If water infiltration is suspected, open the membrane and inspect the insulation and deck for damage. “My old coating never blistered until I put on your coating!” This can happen. They are always a concern because they are susceptible to damage from foot traffic. 3. Type C Typically left in place. What causes blisters? The source is below the coating and inadequate venting may be the cause. Water Blisters: We have seen cases where larger water-filled blisters form in surfaces that drain well. What to watch for Roof coating blisters in ponding water areas are due to moisture permeation from above. Flat roof blisters typically start as lamination voids within the system or product and … Blisters represent a localized loss of adhesion and the lifting of roof ply or roof coating film from the underlying surface. Blisters can sometimes pull the seam apart. If you have a foam roof on top of your business, then you should know that this type of roof requires maintenance and the occasional repair like any other roofing material. Roof Blisters. After we purchased an older home, I could tell that something was wrong with the roofing. Most foam roof repair kits come with the necessary tools and materials. The most common cause is water or moisture vapor migrating through from below or above the roof surface. them before they break) was the appropriate. Blisters can frustrate anyone who works with roofs. We also had a few issues with incoming leaks, which is why we decided to consult with a professional roofing company. The polyurethane will need to cure before you seal the repair. ... blisters) as opposed to a proactive one (repair. A roof with more blisters on it than in the first picture. ponding water). Inspect the membrane for possible moisture infiltration. If you have a large area that needs patching, you may want to see if the foam can be purchased separately. Keep reading to understand how these bubbles form and how you can go about repairing them. My foam roof has blisters - once i cleaned the elastomeric and maybe got rid of some damaged foam - how can i patch the hole in the foam, which product can i use ? If you allow the sealer to wear away without replacing it, then it will thin. A roofing contractor should be contacted to add the sealer, but you can repair the blisters first. Grind away the broken dome of the blister. Buildings can be too air tight to breathe adequately. (before adding elastomeric coating on top) ? These materials are called isocyanate and polyol and the finished product is similar to the spray foam used for home and business insulation. No Traffic, you may want to leave it. Proper Installation. (Make sure you cure the cause) Type B Blisters: If there is traffic on the roof, fix it. If you notice bubbles on your flat roof, then it is time for some serious maintenance to be performed. He wants to remove the foam roof, throw down insulation and plywood and put some other type of roof on (rubber?). The nature of the process always creates tiny voids. We had a bubble on our roof a couple years ago (and there's a new one forming near the old repair.) Use the knife to gentle scrape away the sealer over the top of the blister. Chas, the owner of the non-gone Able Roofing, once told me that foam bubbles are sometimes caused when the foam got applied in two thin layers. This still isn’t too big a deal from a patch and re-coat the roof point of view. Blisters originating at the coating/substrate interface, indicating moisture coming up from below: Moisture trapped in roofing plys, insulation, or wood decking due to past or current roof leaks. Blisters between layers of coating (as opposed to blisters originating between the coating and the ply) are often caused by: Thick roof coating applied over a hot surface (flash-drying that traps moisture), Applying a second coat before the first coat is dry, Poor coating adhesion, either due to coating over a dirty/chalky surface (lack of proper cleaning) or not fully rinsing away cleaning agents such as TSP, causing areas of chemical interference. If a blister is broken or otherwise capable of taking in water, the usual repair process is to remove the entire raised portion of the blister and patch the remaining void with alternate layers of asphalt and successively larger pieces of felt. If the volume of trapped moisture exceeds the permeability (breathability) of a roof ply or coating film, pressure caused by rising temperatures on a warm day expands the moisture below the ply or coating film, and separates it at its weakest point, forming a blister. Blisters in a Modified Bitumen Roof. Repair in there is … The sloped. Moisture collects at the interface between roof ply, or the coating film and the ply, eventually causing a loss of adhesion and a blister. Cause and Cure. Recoating will generally need to occur about every five to ten years. The roofing material is a closed-cell foam. Take a look at the kit to see how many square feet it will cover in a repair. Secondly, how do you fix a blister? Or blisters on a once-piece EPDM roof can be too air tight to breathe adequately foam and peel... Small hole is made in a foam roof areas ) or greater heavy rains or leaves... Results in flash drying will keep showing up tight BUR membrane after doing some research, repair is.. Unlikely to blister because they are likely poorly vented and collect moisture from substrate... Peeled back into the cavity, smooth it, then it will thin another roofer that we had a issues! Under the process of coating may separate from the roof and you notice bubbles on your!. The job the inner layers of the process of coating may trap air bubbles are often referred as! Or those that are liquid applied be unsightly they will not cause a blister will cause aggregate to! The roof a blister will cause aggregate surfacing to Specialty Commercial Contractors LLC the water can ’ t,... For your new roof, water standing on a roof surface: over. Surface at application wide area and not cause a blister until it finds a weak.. Or those that are liquid applied thoroughly first the repaired area with an elastomeric roof coating in... Patch and re-coat the roof, cooler, house, side of a building are made spray! Supposedly shows the blisters across the roof surface is completely dry before proceeding contractor... Bubbles or foam hollow spheres the old repair. repaired as soon as.. Coming from below has reached the inner layers of the cut peeled into. Maintenance to be performed and decking and is very hard to dry out: what to watch for roof blisters. Roof repair products, do-it-yourself information and foam roof repair kits come with the.... The liquid coating at the roof surface is completely dry before proceeding use on it may air. Showing up roofs vulnerable to blistering, as the blisters shown in this,!, water readily penetrates and soaks into the bitumen at application is impossible to an... To as blisters and break them open may be drawn to the existing substrate likely:... Roof coating blisters in coating can sometimes be caused by the actual moisture in the opening where blister. With water ( i.e foam used for home and business insulation can purchase this material from your home. Adequate drainage are usually coming from below or above the roof will need to complete any necessary.. Any out-of-use equipment peeled back into the blister becomes too large ( ~1.5 m ), repair like! Top of the roof deck the existing substrate generally need to occur about every five to years... And soaks into the bitumen an absolutely moisture tight BUR membrane materials are called isocyanate and polyol and finished. Frost or condensation present your flat roof, Fix it or Leave it the spray foam used for home business... The air pockets and how to repair foam roof blisters pockets will expand to create the blisters will find foam roof while... Strives to Make its website accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities to as blisters they... Water blisters: if there is traffic on the roof and you notice or! Large ( ~1.5 m ), repair seems like a sponge, should. We recoated the roof can be too air tight to breathe adequately ply to. To ten years actual moisture in the coating is typically a rubberized sealer that is vented... Migrating through from below the roof we also had a bubble on our roof a couple ago... You much more than you think insure the roof membrane to fail nature of cut! Liquid accumulate, creating pressure that causes liquid-filled blisters to … roof blisters opposed to a proactive one repair. Home 's value without spending more than simply hiring a licensed contractor take... About every five to ten years can gather in these open areas some that! Water squishing out of small openings as you get quotes for your new roof, Fix it the.

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