The following is a list of slings that caught my eye, and would be in my collection if I ever decide to be fiscally irresponsible and add more clutter: My latest acquisitions (both might be a tad too small for your requirements): Thrupack Custom Sterile Black DCF UL Summit Bum. The color charcoal makes for a durable and reliable color, but the fabric itself is quite delicate, and may need additional cleaning, however it is believed that the product is in fact water repellent, which makes this a big hit. It is awesome and I think you'll like it. It wouldn't hold the water bottle, but everything else is easy. Formats: Bags, Utility. Log In Sign Up. It served extremely well as my EDC in Prague, UK, Montreal, Mexico, and many other adventures. Anyways, what's worked for you folks? The tactical design also allows for excellent modularity, and its overbuilt design makes it more than a match for your daily excursions, whether they … Do you live in an urban, suburban or rural area? I don't know if its the type of thing you're looking for, but I have a super nice L.L. I did pick up a Trakke Banana Bum Bag recently, and while it's nice, it lacks organization (which I knew going in and am ok with because I wanted a little bag I could roll up and pack for an EDC travel thingy). On the positive side, this zipper design is extremely enjoyable to use. I considered it to be quite sturdy until it came apart. Best urban EDC sling bag: OutdoorMaster Sling Bag The OutdoorMaster Sling Bag is a great EDC pack for those who live in or travel within the city (despite its name). My other option is to go, "Hey, Self, you have a lovely Peak Design bag. Osprey Daylite Shoulder Sling. A Beginner’s Guide to EDC Sling Bags. Pocket for Tablets; Pocket for Laptops; Magazine Pockets Inside; Velcro Compatible Inside; MOLLE Compatible Inside; Admin Pocket Inside ; Mesh Pockets Inside; Holster Included Bags; Shop by Color. I'm looking to get a smaller sling bag to use as a work bag. Seconding Timbuk2, but would definitely recommend the Catapult sling. I agree with you that I wish it were a TAD smaller, as I'd love to be able to fit it into my Minaal travel bag as a camera packing cube, but it's just a bit too large. This is a review of my new EDC Sling Bag by Ozuko. Unlike other EDC sling bags, the Bandoleer leverages Hazard 4’s expertise in thermoforming synthetic material in order to provide a durable hardshell EDC bag that gives you the durability of a professional camera bag without the heft and bulk. Thrupack Custom Sterile Black DCF UL Summit Bum -- I wish I could pull that off, but I just don't think I could :-). They’re designed to hug close to the upper body and swing around for quick access. An EDC bag for the active athlete who needs to mobilize quickly. Its inside organization is quite smart, though I wish it was a tad smaller. I have one, it's roomy and aside from carrying a 27-oz. Offering your back plenty of cushioned comfort. 3.) Can be worn on the left and right side. Seems quite cheap and kind of misses the mark as far as what it could be. This is a minimalist travel community devoted to the idea of lugging around less crap. Measuring 9″ x 10″ x 4.5″, this durable bag can hold up to pretty much anything you throw at it. Usually, these bags come equipped with both a shoulder strap and carrying handles sewn on top of the case. Been looking for a sling myself recently after my last bag ripped on me again (Slughaus Wolverine rolltop pack - looked good initially but the stitching and quality has been lacking and I've already been through multiple ones due to quality control issues), although i kinda want one that's a little bigger (~7-8L range so I could stuff a light jacket or fit my iPad in it). I'll go through them. It’s more comfortable carrying a heavy load, relieves the stress of your shoulder. 2.) 10. water bottle, I carry basically the same things. Do you work from home or office? Close • Posted by ... Has anyone ever paired a tech pouch with this bag or any other photo sling bag? It retains its form quite well. Thank you for your thoughtful comment & list, /u/FeebleOldMan. I like to carry my GX85 and maybe an extra lens, along with a notebook, pens, and all the other things (wallet, phone, keys). Searching for a minimal hip/thigh/dropleg bag. Breathable and decompression carrying system, heat dissipation, ventilation, shock absorption. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Thanks for the reply! The main compartment comes with an internal sleeve for storage and a double zipper for convenience. Seeking Recommendation/Help. If you ask us, a tote bag is the ultimate everyday carry essential for urban missions—be it commuting, shopping, or simply hauling an extra layer and reusable water bottle. The bag features a dedicated padded iPad compartment, and a convenient exterior pocket for quickly accessing items such as a phone or wallet. The PD 5L sling does become more packable if … I really enjoy the form and solid structure of this bag. Bean canvas and suede messenger bag that holds about 3 textbooks and a laptop, has side pockets and a front and back pocket. … Its low weight and ergonomic details, such as angled strap mounts and easily adjustable strap, make for a comfortable and unrestricted all-day carry. As life changes, edc needs evolve and change as well. The new job is 2 Miles from the house. And while I love the Peak Design 5L sling, sometimes it's a little *much* for just being out and about, plus it doesn't fit into my Minaal travel bag. Black; Blue; Brown; Gray; Green; Tan; Shop by Brands. In this video, we’re taking a look at Tom’s Sling Bag EDC during Coronavirus, along with other COVID-19 daily carry essentials. We partnered with them for their 35 years of experience making high performance, stylish bags for urban carry driven by their "New York Tough" design philosophy. Join. Something I like about this bag is that it can be used for a variety of purposes such as and EDC sling pack, hand bag, hand bag, cross body bag, pouch, first-aid kit, diaper bag and and more. If you ask the guy who literally coined the term EDC—and founded the digital publication of the same name—the ultimate everyday carry essential is the all-new Everyday Carry x Manhattan Portage Atlas Sling bag.. Good amount of space if you're not carrying a lot of books (I use it for all my music books so its cramped). I really like the laptop sleeve. IN THIS ARTICLE. The Peak Design Everyday Sling 3L v2 is a minimalist and low-profile EDC pack that carries easily and provides just enough room for your everyday valuables and essentials. First, let’s attack the basics. Just commit to it and let it take care of carrying all of the things. Unfortunately, the Topo bag doesn't fit the camera comfortably, so I've been looking for some other little bag that could carry the above items (wallet etc) plus the camera. Love my Pioneer 12 and the team at North St. You can even do custom colorways on the Pioneer bags now. 5 2 25. pinned by moderators. Aer actually has 4 different slings in different sizes so it may be worth checking out the day sling 2, tech sling, travel sling, and sling bag 2 Edit:spelling. The Bellroy Sling is a 7-liter sling with a sleek, sophisticated look—but it falls short on practicality and organization. The perfect home for your survival kit. I have a bag addiction, and also hang out at r/ManyBaggers. PD will replace your bag under warranty, likely. Some pretty good bags in this list in a bunch of different styles. Looks interesting. If that's not to your fancy I'd check out some of the other Chrome bags, they are all top quality. Pretty sweet. I think that it could also be slightly smaller in each dimension. FA … hide. The pack is extremely versatile, featuring a reversible shoulder strap, three zippered compartments, and breathable mesh on the strap and back. I currently carry a GR1 that's just become too big (I tend to carry my entire life in that bag).

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