We can either make it or break it through our actions. Choosing a career was never very easy for me. I have also understood that A teacher’s life is full of challenges. I completely acknowledge that achieving my aim requires dedication, hard work, sacrifices, and sleepless nights. A goal helps us achieve and fulfil our desire to become successful and worthy. But you only SPEND IT ONCE. My school is the temple of learning which I worship each day, without fail. This is all I have to say, thank you everyone! Being the head boy of this school, I would like to thank all my teachers for this wonderful opportunity. You can spend it any way you wish. Home Page Search Speeches My Account Winners Tips and Secrets News and Events Donate. Thank you. Answer: The aim is a journey or path that guides you to reach your destination in life—and aim helps one to focus and put efforts to achieve it. It’s just that one should know how to strike a balance between your personal desires and acts of philanthropy. It is highly crucial to have an aim in life, as they keep us moving forward to achieve something. The only mantra for a successful life is to have faith in your own self and never bow down to the testing situations. My school, which is situated in the heart of Delhi, is the place which I have described above. The worst thing you could do, is get yourself worried that you haven’t found it yet, or say something like ‘i have no purpose in life’ Yet three years later the lowest point of my life was suddenly fodder for a TED talk. It is the formative period for everyone. Therefore it does not matter how long you live; all that matters is how well you live. So with an increasing level of stress, people are facing severe medical conditions and are finding themselves unable to cope with the challenges that life throws on them. Repeat this exercise and you will surely be able to find peace and direction in life. Thus, the speeches on this topic have been comprehensively covered. Some people aspire for an attractive job, some for a flourishing business, some for a healthy life, and the list just goes on. I have much admired her since always. I started losing passions in the things that kept me sane. But it’s our perception that shapes reality and our lives as well. A life, lived for only selfish reasons, is not a life in the true sense of the term. It can be achieved with hard work. Coming from a man with a limit on life at the time, you may not find a more inspiring speech than this one by the late Randy Pausch. However, having said that I would still like to say that it is important to do your Karma and discharge your roles and responsibilities well. I have always hated everything about myself as long as I can remember. There never was; and never will be. What does the phrase ‘My aim of life’ mean? Time-tested situation and challenges only help a person to become a better and refined individual because if there would be no difficult situation in life we will not be able to realize our potential and inner strength. It, therefore, doesn’t matter for how many years you live all that matters is a quality of life and how well you live your life. Greetings to all present here. Today, let’s make this class a little more special by not discussing your syllabus or exams, but discussing a profound topic which everyone can relate with, i.e. On the other hand, life would become very monotonous and dull if you would experience same emotion and there are no challenges to face. I have changed and will never be the same again. I found my aim of life on one beautiful day while I was walking back home from my school. A Learning Experience. In life there are dreamers, and there those I call the risk takers. target_type: 'mix' container: 'taboola-right-rail-thumbnails', Home; About; Search for: Before You Speak (Improving Your Speeches Before You Say a Word) Menu. So take life as a game, make mistakes and then learn from your mistakes. Controversial. Essay Sample – My Life Is … Life is beautiful and yet life is not a bed of roses. But it is important to rise against all odds and continue doing your best because it is certain that giving up is not the solution and constant endeavors definitely take you somewhere and of course closer to your dreams. Life is not about chasing, its about living. It is essential to have an aim in life as it directs one to reach success. Oct 31, 2015 - Explore Megan Wade's board "Speech... My life" on Pinterest. So everyone wishes for a great life which could be at different levels. Every student should try to make his better life and best use of school life because it never comes again after the school session. We are here for ninety or one hundred years at the very most. Demonstration. Either way, if you read my last post on capturing your speech topics when they pop… Skip to content. Thank you everyone for listening to me patiently! My Speech On My Life 1355 Words | 6 Pages. Lyrics – What Is Life About – Inspirational Speech by Fearless Soul. For without an aim, life is meaningless and caught up in a loop with no direction. For example, if your speech is about an interesting aspect of your life, like your unusual profession, you can start with something like "Imagine waking up every morning to sound of safari wildlife in every direction around you." Life. Many times, I come across people blaming God for things that they don’t have and cursing their lives, but little do they realize that this life itself is precious if we make it worth living and work hard. Since yoga is very much associated with life and helps in improving upon its quality, it is also important to talk about its different facets and how it can be made better by adopting some healthy measures. google_ad_slot = "1982849078"; Speech about life challenges: 4 inspiring speeches, specifically about facing challenges in life. It is essential to have passion and dedication to the teaching profession as it requires a lot of sacrifices and hard work. //-->. If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you’ll find the true goal, the true meaning of life.”. Being a literature person, I am extremely passionate about reading and pouring down my thoughts on papers. Chances are many of us must have asked this question to ourselves every now and then. Good Morning Students – How’re you all doing? Everybody has a purpose or aim in life. A teacher needs to understand the student to explain his/her questions. School. Motivational. How would you define life? You too at some point would start seeing yourself at such a position, but any wrong step taken would lead you nowhere. I love my school; it is like the blood which flows in my veins, I cannot live without it. I want you to get many inspirations from here and make your life beautiful. You must struggle to achieve what you want to achieve – whether it’s a good job, big mansion or a huge bank balance – however, don’t do it at the expense of others and by snatching other’s possessions which rightfully belong to them. Transcript – Everyone Has A Purpose – Inspirational Speech | Fearless Motivation. He told us about the last minutes of the flight, what was going through his head, and how this accident changed his life and his perspective on life. You may have a favorite topic on which you like to speak, but even YOU might tire of hearing you talk … So having a stress-free life is what one wishes for. With more than four years of experience in the given field, I have been able to build online reputation of my clients and supported them with content in various niches, such as travel, fashion, home decor, science and technology, to name a few. And, the question is ‘What is the actual meaning of life?’, No matter which background we hail from, what position we hold and how many zeroes we have to add in our paychecks, etc. Therefore, the speech ‘Aim of … Life. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', With him as my inspiration, I want to contribute useful findings that will aid in the growth and development of our country and change the mindset of people. We want to build our family in the best way possible and want to make such friends who can stand by us through thick and thin. Your introduction should outline what your speech will be about. With this, I would like to end my speech. Today standing before you all gives me immense pleasure to deliver a speech on aim of my life. A speech about life. Thes people see life as punishment throughout their entire lives. If you are a student, then you can deliver a short speech on life and invite suggestion from your peers as to what they think about life and create a healthy discussion. There are two kinds of people. How would you define life? Life is also made more beautiful and purposeful by discharging our duties in our family, at work, society and the world at large. Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Beloved Teachers and My Dear Friends – A sincere welcome to all of you! Just some of the great quotes from the speech: “Life doesn’t happen to you, it … So it’s a very pertinent topic to address either in school, college, office or on a public platform. I have grown looking up to them. (Finding Speech Topics) The Problem & The Solution. Teachers are the building blocks of society, as they help in transforming a student’s life. for me the true meaning of life is summed up in the word called Service. The real joy is found at the service of God and humanity, rest is all illusory. Many times, I come across p… It’s crucial to analyze yourself and think that what gives you happiness and that ultimate thought is what you desire to become in life. I’d just won an all-expenses-paid trip to TED Global 2009, courtesy of Daniel Pink, best-selling author, former speech writer for Al Gore and a professional speaker himself. So embrace your situation happily and find your way in the chaos. To achieve my aim, I will have to journey a long way facing and overcoming all obstacles thrown at me in time. Hon’ble Principal, Admiring teachers and My fellow Friends – Greetings and a warm welcome to this annual Speech delivering competition. I admire and revere all my teachers who have sacrificed their family life and have taken time to solve our issues and problems. It is God’s gift to you. Students, we should all thank God every single day for giving us this life and another day to work towards our goals. I have changed and will never be the same again. At times, we might face certain challenges, and during this time, one must never give up, but work hard to achieve success. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});