Even in winter, it is a bright and sunny room. My favorite stitching spot is my cozy chair next to the fire. My favorite stitching spot is in on a stool next to a table in what I use as my sewing room. My favorite stitching spot. Other wise, it depends on what I am doing – if planning a project I need a big table, if waiting for an appointment I have small projects in my bag. Blackwork is a counted thread embroidery technique in which repetitive patterns are used to fill outlined areas. I have a lamp to the left, a husband to the right, and a tv in front that I pay just enough attention to to follow a story. A lizard warming on a rock or catching that elusive fly completes this image. My favourite stitching spot is on my verandah watching the birds flit between the trees. It faces East and has wonderful morning sun. We just moved and I’m enjoying a veiw of the lake and birds that live here. I am not allowed to do anything without their supervision. Petfect! I stitch in a corner of my sunroom overlooking a small lake. A table on the left with scissors, needles and threads while on the right is the cup of coffee or tea on the window sill. My second spot is the kitchen table for when I need more space. Today’s give-away focuses on blackwork embroidery – specifically, the beautiful blackwork of Jen Goodwin, who has recently written an extensive and thoroughly instructive book on the subject. . My favorite stitching spot is in my living room next to a roaring fire. Please do not leave your comment as a reply to someone else’s. The light is bright there. When it is chilly I have a cozy blanket to put over my legs and an Alexa to play some quiet music. Happy Holidays! I share my home with my daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters. I have used black in a redwork design and love the effect. I can watch it snow, see the deer and turkey out there, and all my many birds as I rest my eyes with a bit of long distance here and there. In the warmer months my favorite stitching spot is on my deck where I can listen to a book on tape and stitch the day away. There is good light. My favorite stitching spot is my cushy upholstered chair in my living room, situated right beside our patio doors. It is surrounded by books. Merry Christmas to each of you. My favorite stitching spot is in the sunroom in my house with the TV on while I stitch. If it’s cool, I turn on the fireplace. I love to stitch on the couch by the window. There is room for me and my project supplies so when I get settled in, there I am! Oh dear, not enough time in the day to do embroidery pieces in Blackwork, Whitework, and colorful work. Oh, this is going on my list. My favorite stitching spot is my living room where, when I look up, I can see beautiful mesquite trees with a dry lake bed and shadowy mountains in the distance. My favorite stitching spot is a corner of our livingroom right near the large front window. I have a ‘crafter’s corner’ in the kitchen! I have a rocking recliner with an Ott light by it. I love to stitch in my sunroom – lots of great light, entertainment in the form of budgies, plants galore – it’s the best! My armchair is very comfy and I have a small footstool/storage box on which to rest my feet. on it, but there is plenty of space in front of this stuff (I have a keyboard drawer to store the keyboard and mouse below the monitor) and I use it for my stitching stuff. My dogs can choose between a wool rug (in winter) or a laminate floor (in summer) to nap on while I stitch. And with one eye I can watch the television while embroidering. My favourite spot for stitching is downstairs in my ’embroidery room’ where we have just had new lights put in (so the lighting is fantastic) sitting in my chair (the chair is very old and just been fixed and recovered by a dear friend). The instructions are presented in step-by-step photos, making it a very accessible learning tool. I love to recline on my chaise and stitch. (I’ve got a great set-up in the basement for machine sewing, too.). So I’d be pleased to win it. I can not-watch an old TV show or listen to a podcast and be cozy! A side table holds my tools. My favorite stitching spot is in the corner of my couch with all my embroidery things around me. A fire in the fireplace and a cup of tea finishes up the perfect spot. Take a look at this sampler which contains many of the most popular filling patterns in Blackwork… Samplers are a great way to learn a new technique and I was rea… Thank you for your contributions to the world of needlework. My favorite stitching spot is my recliner in the living room. I have my own sewing room where I also do my embroidery, knitting and crocheting. My favorite stitching spot is in my rocking chair between the front window, the tv & the heater. I’m planning to buy a house soon and when I do I will definitely be setting some space aside for a better stitching workspace! In the evening I am propped up in bed, cozy and warm and embroidering up a storm. Thanks for the giveaway! My favourite spot is a chair in front of the fireplace with a good book on the Audible player. My favourite place to stitch is in my Conservatory. I used to stitch on buses – you know, in the days when people took buses. Embroider a menagerie of adorable animals! What a fabulous book! It has perfect light to stitch during the day and a daylight lamp to sit and stitch at night. Thank you for that great black work article! ; February 2015. Of course only in summertime. My kitchen table is my favorite spot to stitch…….It has a picture window to the backyard with lots of light……..and plenty of room to spread out…….Our turtle Chunky 0f 46 years also shares this space and enjoys the company…….. My favorite stitching spot is my recliner, with my feet up and my lighted magnifier on. I use TV trays in front of me for supplies, etc. I love to stitch in front of the fireplace On a comfortable seat under my verandah, where it is cool and I can look at the native birds and colourful flowers in my garden in-between stitches. You are a most amazing blogger. My mug of tea is in reach. There is a window near the sewing machine for light plus the extra light I have for my needlework. My favorite stitching spot is the left side of the big couch in my living room. I love to stitch while listening to a good book. ❤️. I’m sitting there right now, at the end of the dining room table with my daylight lamp over my shoulder, 2 walls of windows behind me, and my old wooden tea trolley beside me with my current needs. My second favorite stitching “spot” is my computer where the screen is helping me focus on “Needle ‘n Thread” where I can lose myself in ideas, directions, and reading other folks posts from all over the world! Beginner's Guide to Blackwork Lesley Wilkins. This book is one of the best modern works on blackwork. We have moved into a unit recently with a bedroom with eastern windows that I thought would be a perfect stitching place but my cat has other ideas. Currently my favorite stitching spot is outside at our picnic table. Favorite stitching spot: my mission recliner with the wide wooden arms to hold my tool block, in front of the TV with something captivating playing on said TV and wearing my CraftOptics for perfect viewing of the embroidery and TV, BOTH at a glance! At night, I can catch a bit more stitching time with a bright overhead light and a lighted magnifier stand. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Well that’s an easy one ……….curled up in the corner of our huge sofa with the window directly behind me. My favorite stitching spot is stitching with my Mom at my Mom’s home sitting in my Mamaw’s chair! In summer it is on the deck watching nature, if it is not too windy. I have my floor lamp, my stand, and a picture window over my shoulder. My favorite place to stitch? Blackwork Embroidery (Dover Embroidery, Needlepoint) by Elizabeth Geddes Paperback $11.95. My favourite stitching spot is at my desk. Because the floor is hardwood, I can easily roll between my two primary stitching stations: a trestle and magnifying light for large projects on frames or that require very tiny stitches, and a smaller table with Ott light for projects on a more “reasonable” scale. My favorite spot to stitch is my window close to the window so I can get the light on the right side. Summer on the deck in lovely daylight; winter indoors in any soft chair near a window. I’m still trying to make a comfy spot, but for now, the dining room table wins! I can knit or needlepoint or embroider. This way I can see the Christmas Tree, and lights outside in the evening. Truly, its a keeper!! However, it is still my happy place where I can relax and enjoy my favourite hobby. She has a curious cat that adores our stitching get-togethers as much as we do. Beginners Guide for Mastering 200 Hand Embroidery Stitches. I can even use it when it rains. It is therapeutic to change from the close work to the distant view. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. My favorite stitching spot seems to be at the dining room table. My favorite stitching spot is my new home studio! I find I do most of my stitching in front of the tv in the evening. Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more, ©2021 Needle 'n Thread. What a lovely opportunity! I have plenty of space to lay out patterns and materials. My favourite stitching spot is the corner of my couch with the light shining in from my bib window! I love just closing my computer and working on something without a screen! It is next to big windows, looking out on the garden, so I have good light with a pretty view, and I can relax, listen to the birds, and just slip away into my own world of peace and creativity…. Many thanks to you Mary Corbet for spending your time “entertaining” us this holiday season. I can watch the hummingbirds flitter and dart around the lemon tree in the backyard and enjoy their beautiful shiny colors. I have comfy chair with a good lamp, a three tiered side table and a nice view out the window. I look at it as my reward! It is an Ikea chair which has a straight back with wings at the top for leaning my head when I get tired. My parrot and I spend an hour talking about his favorite fruits and whistling his favorite tunes while I work on my project. Thank you! MH fav stitching spit us the table at Elephant Mountain View Guest House. Favorite stitching spot? Jen’s practice focuses on creating highly detailed and technical pieces incorporating imaginative designs and naturalistic depicted themes. I’ve added an extra cushion so my arms are higher then arms of the chair. Love It. I stitch in an open room off of the hallway of our house. All I have to do is sit down and I am ready to go. I also have a TV on top of one shelf to catch the news or a movie to stitch by. Very peaceful. I use a regular chair and a footstool, because every recliner I’ve ever tried also leans back any time the foot rest is raised even a bit. Merry Christmas. That is because the warm sunlight comes in, which keeps my room very bright and warm and, in addition, all around the edge of the window I have small succulents and cacti planted in beautiful individual pots. I’m surrounded by embroidery supplies, beading and jewellery supplies, fabric and sewing supplies and my books. Hummingbirds come to visit the flowers on the potted pineapple sage (which I grow for my rabbits), and the always-stocked feeder. My studio / spare bedroom is my space. But it is winter and 2020, so I stay at home, inside at my table beside the window looking out at snow covered trees. The chairs are comfortable, the light is good and I can spread my work out over as much space as I need. I love blackwork, have done lots of it. There are tables on either side of my chair, one for my stitching supplies and the other for my coffee, phone and headphones, as I often listen to music or an audiobook while working. My favorite stitching spot is at the desk in my sewing nook. Inspired by the past, Lesley Wilkins illustrates her techniques with a whole host of wonderful designs - flowers, plants, birds, … The nurses are so willing to make me comfortable with warm blankets, food and drink. Learning the best way to find a stitch path for each design, by trial and error. So I need my comfortable chair, frame set to the right height, good lighting and a nearby coffee maker to aid pressure area relief (the coffee doesn’t come near a work in progress) and a radio play or book in the background. But always, my husband is in his favorite place on the couch. My favourite place to stitch was my RSN classroom at Hampton Court Palace when I attended a year long course there. It is mine. My favourite stitching spot is wherever the light is best – so I move around my house a lot, dragging projects with me and dropping threads along the way! The kind that has the drink holders on the arm – a perfect place for scissors and ort can. I like to do handwork by the fire in what we call the library (Others might call it the living room.) Thank you Mary! I sit in a platform rocker stitching away and forget for a few minutes, all of the problems in the world today. I was looking for some solid information on blackwork and hopefully some nice designs for finished work. I’ve always found blackwork to be a beautiful form of embroidery, My favorite stitching spot is in a cruise ship lounge with the big window letting the sun come through, right now it is in the family room sitting under Stella. I am right next to a window so I have wonderful light. The blackwork book looks fascinating. My favorite stitching spot is a comfy large wingback chair next to a West window . My favorite place to stitch is my comfy single chair. It is the only place I stitch. Thank you My favourite spot to sew is at my mums table so we can share the fun of stitching together. My favorite spot is in the sewing room – the window provides good light and a place to occasionally change focus. Another book to lust after Mary – thank you! I’ll be taking a short hiatus for Christmas, so Monday will be the last shipping day for a short bit. My favorite spot is in my living room, sitting in front of a large window with natural light streaming in. That is, needle and thread. From shop MonCaribou. Thanks so much for all you do Mary. Actually is anyplace…..I’ve stitched in airports, in hospital waiting rooms, in the car on long rides…..when I’m embroidering, I’m transported to a quiet peaceful place. June House My favourite place to stitch is my sewing room (yes very spoilt). The only thing I am missing to make it perfect is being in a room where I have better access to natural sunlight & a view to a garden. I’ll stitch anywhere! I have a soft chair, a foot rest and excellent lighting. My favourite stitching spot is on my deck outside. the rest of the time it is too cold or there is 3 feet of snow. In my living room chair. Good Day,