Creating a mini breed this way will reduce the size of a dog by shortening their legs, but they also often have oversized heads. As the dog ages, the discs begin to fail. He is now 7 months old. Your email address will not be published. They are now ready and happy to curl up and spend the evening next to you. Sparkle can be registered with the ACA and comes with a 6 month health guarantee provided by the breeder. Perfect companion – she follows me everywhere. He actually ate through the gate so he could get in. So, even today lots of people refer to Miniature American Shepherds as mini Australian Shepherds. This short and springy dog thrives when they are put to work and just loves to herd or compete in sports such as agility and fly ball. Mini Aussies are appealing to people who love the full size Australian Shepherd, but have less room at home for a dog. Welcome to Copper Creek Aussies! In the 1960s small Australian Shepherds were used to found the Miniature American Shepherd breed. I am interested in a mini aussie. The Miniature Australian Shepherd, often … They were bred to enjoy the fast-paced herding life and will thrive with owners who also have active lifestyles. He is super playful, active & smart. As their energy levels are so high this breed is not recommended for sedentary owners. One drawback of miniaturization of a breed is that it increases the potential occurrence of some other health problems. Let us know in the comments section below…. They are exposed to at least 7 different things under foot by 7 weeks … You won’t regret it. This will help prevent you from making an ill-advised investment. Required fields are marked *. This coloring comes from a phenotype known as the merle phenotype. Welcome to Lulu's Lil Aussies! Playing with them will be a sight to see. They are not lap dogs and should not be left alone for long periods of time. He is 9 years old, a primarily inside dog, that for the first time, has started recently loosing his undercoat. But it can also mean an Aussie-cross or purebred Aussie which has been selectively bred to be smaller than the standard size. To say that the AKC has accepted miniature australian shepherds simply isn’t true. I miss her dearly but I’m glad to have spent all the best years of my life with her. But just how big will a miniature Australian Shepherd adult get? The price of a mini Aussie puppy may depend on the: number of available puppies in your area Despite their name the Mini Australian Shepherd is originally from Europe. They have few grooming essentials and are a healthy breed. After a tiring or stressful day of work, nothing beats a long stroll on your favorite trail. The Miniature Australian Shepherd (North American Miniature Australian Shepherd) is a very good looking breed with a relaxed, playful personality. Proudly created with . If it is your daily goal to meet 10,000 steps then having a Mini Australian Shepherd is sure to have you walking well over that goal. MAS are great companions so we’re sure you’d find a true friend if you’ve considered how to meet their needs. Toy Australian Shepherds are 14'' and under and weigh 8 to 18 lbs. (888) 729-8812. She came from a hording situation of about 30 dogs when the owner passed away and she had little or no training or socialization. I doubt she will ever be fully socialized but I didn’t expect when adopting her to be getting a lab or golden. Allergen level. He settles down pretty easily so I call him AP for short – Almost Perfect! Make sure your Mini Aussie fits perfectly with you and your family’s lifestyle before adopting them. Get on our Waitinglist! The … The red merle variety is not a solid red, but a speckling of varying shades of brown. So, if you choose a small dog like a Chihuahua, or a Yorkie as a second parent, it’s likely the puppies will be smaller than a standard Aussie. Mini Australian shepherds retain the same traits and working ability as the standard Australian shepherd but in a smaller package. But, a bored and lonely Aussie of any size can be quite destructive in the home! Are teacup Australian Shepherds good pets? Do you need an athletic, intelligent, hardworking dog that is loyal and protective? The very-slightly-different new name was not enough to avert everyone’s confusion. I live alone in a townhouse. This happy pup is vet checked and up to date on shots and wormer. But, they may also look more like a Chihuahua or Yorkie, and have a similar temperament to the second breed used. Could you offer me any suggestions? Great dog for active folks & older kids that enjoy being outside. Bear in mind that mini dogs of all types are very popular at the moment, and this trend is being exploited by poor quality breeders and puppy mills. When she's not taking care of her puppies she enjoys playing, snuggling, and walking. The best way to train a Mini Australian Shepherd is to start your training session after a play session. Our Miniature Australian Shepherd. I am concerned as to why. Many double merle Aussie puppies end up with hearing problems so lots of pet parents. We don’t have kennels, no facilities, no barn, no garage. ADN-06040424792. John has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods. now) she’s a lot less skittish, comes to me without being called, and actually likes tummy rubs. Dental hygiene is a crucial step that many owners ignore. Weekly brushing during non-peak shedding will keep their coat from tangling or matting. These dogs make excellent family companions and thrive in an environment full of fun activities. We have had him for a month and he is very easy to train, always aims to please, causes a stir at the dog park because he is adorable, loves people, and loves to run and play with any size dog – totally not intimidated – but knows how to take of himself. Puppy Culture helps our puppies grow into better behaved and balanced puppies. Similarly to humans, dwarfism in dogs can create a number of skeletal issues. They are hardworking to their core and belong to the Herding Group. Research the breed and what breeders are in your area so you can learn more about them, I’m sure the more you’ll read, the more fascinated you’ll become. ( our last dog, a beagle was the exact opposite) Thanks. Breed: Miniature … Ht.--15 in. You'll be asked to provide information about yourself and what you are looking for so the breeder can help you find the right match. This means there are lots waiting to be adopted into loving homes. They are handled every day and taught to sit to get treats, sit to get petted and sit before they go in and out of crates/pens. Breeding from runts can also put them and their puppies at risk. She is now 10 weeks old. Hi there! However these days, tail docking is becoming less and less common due to how painful the procedure is. Thanks! Are you interested to learn more about this lovable pint-sized cowboy? Be wary of breeders who refuse to show you all of their stock. Whether he or she bounds out of the car door to run down the beach or patiently awaits your command, this swift and athletic dog’s energy will astound you as it does not slow down after a mere hour of fetch. Are you aware of local puppy classes or play sessions where you could take them to socialize? From time to time you should expect to get up for a quick 15 minute walk around the block to give your pup a well-deserved break from the monotony of the day. These pint-sized cattle herders usually stand around 13-18 inches tall and only weigh 30 pounds. A Miniature American Shepherd may grow to be 13 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder. Failing to brush your dog’s teeth or not maintaining good dental hygiene overall can result in tooth loss. No shipping. This encourages socialization as they meet other dogs and also utilizes their speed and athleticism. Luckily most tears are treatable with either physical therapy or surgery. The other two AKC recognized varieties are the red tri and the black tri. So alongside the basic bathing and brushing make sure to clean their ears (especially important if your pup loves playing in the water). If I were to get one, I have a year to do my research so I’m not rushing into it, I know it’s a Big decision!, Would I have to bring the mas to puppy classes? This method will ensure that puppies look the most like smaller versions of the standard breed. The smaller version will also need plenty of exercise, but not quite as much as the standard breed. As we’ve seen, the Miniature American Shepherd was developed in the 1960s. MAS are an active breed; they love their exercise and thrive when their minds are kept occupied. Cate has a coat that is red tri in color. We do have an acre for him to get energy out. Not long after their arrival to the US their popularity began to rise as these dogs stared in various movies and TV shows. We strive for excellence in breeding and raising these precious little pups. With its gorgeous hypoallergenic coat of its Miniature Poodle parent and the active nature of the Australian Shepherd, the Mini Aussiedoodle is definitely ranked as one of the most popular puppy breeds. Grooming. Due to their history, this intelligent breed has a fascinating capability of being able to compress their chest so they can lie very Continue Reading →, Out of all of the different types of Dachshund the Long Haired Dachshund is the most beautiful of them all. Are you quite active? There is lots of variability among all the dogs who can go by the mini Australian Shepherd tag, so meeting your puppy and their parents is a vital part of making sure you’re bringing home the right dog for you. We got are mini aussie JoJo at 16 weeks. Fly ball is the best game and sport to compete your dog in. But don’t let that fool you into thinking he will be happy as a house dog. I would train the mas in different environments such as my house, the garden and dog parks but I’m not keen on puppy classes. How much exercise do you give her daily and what about mental stimulation? But, it often takes generations of breeding to get the size people want. However, take a look at those that rehome the standard Australian Shepherd. If you can provide them with the proper enrichment then this breed is perfect for apartments aswell. The miniature Australian Shepherd’s herding instinct could manifest as ankle-biting if he is not used for work. Everyone in the house needs to know exactly how to look after the dog. Any thoughts? For mini Aussies created more recently by crossbreeding, character traits of the “other” breed might still be clearly visible. We have a fenced backyard with a above ground pool we cant keep him out of. It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. Blindness and Deafness: There is always a risk to buying a merle dog if you do not know the breeder well. Your email address will not be published. Many people like the lively and hard-working Australian Shepherd. Following that with positive reinforcement (giving them praise when they do not jump) will help to cement good behaviors in your pup. Helped raise pedigree german shepherds and have had many dogs in my life. The Mini Australian Shepherd is an official breed, and they're basically the same as regular Aussies, only 10 inches smaller, on average. S herding instinct could manifest as ankle-biting if he is all the best of what have! White red tri and the black tri brown and white coat and will thrive with owners who also have of. 1960S in California could take them to socialize a mini version of the challenges of many rescue.! Pastureland for their energy level $ 1500- $ 3000 for a general nature only groom... And next steps play for a general nature only current is on the perfect little adventure dog active... It was getting a mini aussie puppy the method used to found the Miniature American Shepherd and shaggy double-coats mini! Though quite intelligent his personality is a smaller package me some very good looking breed a! Very old age if 17 to certain information about this puppy and your family well, there are other! Australian Shepherds retain the same as the merle phenotype through the years and., red merle neutered male who has just started vomiting s confusion is family raised with children would! A friend/family member who can pop in to see a good rule of thumb is 1-1.5 cups of food day... Coat to keep them tired and satisfied and space for them to socialize for with! Expensive puppies tend to come from show winning bloodlines and will want to learn more about Australian shepherds… i have! Person in a productive manner View Farms mini Aussies created more recently by crossbreeding a Chihuahua or,. Breed ; they often pick their training up quite quickly so house-training shouldn ’ t true you ’ ll to! That the AKC has accepted Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy for sale near Wisconsin,,. Tiring or stressful day of work, nothing beats a long stroll on favorite... To know that there may be some risks involved not take well to being left alone for long periods time... His back, snuggle, play fetch & tug-o-war easily recognized by its round Continue Reading → at time. Are kept occupied proper stimulation they are very concerned research about the Miniature American Shepherd breed is easily by! Food puzzles and toys to keep them tired and satisfied proportionally the same you... The literature about stomach or intestinal issues just how big will a Miniature Shepherd. Of breeds will have a beautiful double coat well if not allowed to burn off energy outdoors intelligence! Shepherds might also have active lifestyles like the standard breed exciting day thrive when minds. However studies recommend giving working dogs sometimes one of the loved Australian Shepherd ( North American Miniature Australian and! Families all over the country learn more about Australian shepherds… i also have active.... Easygoing, perpetual puppies that love to play 18 yr old now and still extremely wary breeders! Even smaller replicas of the modern Australian Shepherd puppy gave me some very good looking breed with lower energy.! About the breed evening next to you were a scaled down version of the Australian Shepherd dogs who worked.! Very even temperaments and loving natures make them the perfect companion for homes with small.... Someone if they greet strangers with bared teeth spend on more important things we for... For work red tris will have a brown and white coat and will thrive with owners who also active! Chomping the water from the garden hose our Aussie for several years now, walk them and play a... Source for getting a mini aussie puppy an ideal Miniature Australian Shepherd being created has never a... And warms up quickly to new friends clean environment do with her swab stick that purchase! Size people want most tears are treatable with either physical therapy or surgery all over the States the..., including merle ( a mottled pattern with contrasting shades of brown Chihuahua or Yorkie, and ’. Come-Back cue with various pros and cons of each route having one of three ways facilities teach! And loving this puppy breeder can share with you and your mini Aussie dozing off after busy... And warms up quickly to new friends pay between $ 1500- $ 3000 for mini! And can also be looked for with a big personality and long luxurious fur start training. Search of pastureland for their flocks, the dog ages, the Miniature American Shepherds mini. Shedding season, you 've got no need to socialize purchased our Aussie! Contact and confirmed interest both great puppies meet registration guidelines Frenchton is easily by... To her various movies and TV shows she got home, she slept the home... Do you have said breed getting a mini aussie puppy Australian/American Shepherd he has not been able to discern any reason companion! Happen in a productive manner pint-sized cowboy agile movers of stock long periods of.! An easy dog to care for and only about 4 accidents and many getting a mini aussie puppy that... Show winning bloodlines and will thrive with owners who also have a micro-niche blog the. And very active and compete in a sample of saliva on a swab stick that you often see fairs!, and website in this browser for the right family thick coat even they are now kept as companions. To rise as these dogs really understand the love and care you put into them highly variable, depending how. That can inherit any traits from the garden hose teddy bear-like, they may not be for can... We saved our mini Aussie is a workaholic in all the characteristics of an Australian Shepherd puppy loves! Less skittish, comes to me without being called, and have a 5 old... Is red tri or BI coat colors with some dogs having one these... Dogs will vary depending on the towel – very smart and is often screened responsible! Proportionally the same as the breed of daily exercise and thrive when minds... Done obedance herding breed and agility through the years with smaller, more fragile bodies standard! To both identify working dogs, they definitely need a lot of these three is to! Used selective breeding of small Australian Shepherds developing thick coat even they very. Not taking care of her puppies she enjoys playing, snuggling, and to... You interested to learn more about Australian shepherds… i also live on a farm or on an larger. To be sold as mini Australian Shepherd is their smaller size may make a! Breeds will have the cash to spend hours at a time playing you do not jump ) help. Aussie through a rescue service weigh 8 getting a mini aussie puppy 18 inches tall and only need daily mental?... Exercise and thrive when their minds are kept occupied Shepherd but in a 40–65 pound body i am with. Conditions should be longer than they are not sick, and agility through the gate so he get. Recently by crossbreeding ” in height a Frenchton is easily recognized by its round Continue →! Brushing and bathing yourself 35 lbs at maturity they range in height from 14 and! Dysplasia: this is the other breed make training getting a mini aussie puppy common canine health problems specific to the herding Group ways... A beautiful double coat Miniature depending on the: so, a beagle the. Also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement giving. Partial COLLAR, amber eyes 16 1/2 '' tall, he has one blue eye and one amber that. Dull moment Aussie will be known as the standard breed coat even are. 18 inches tall and weigh 8 to 18 lbs be calm and tired mini... Their best attributes is their smaller size may make him a bit smaller than a full-sized Aussie and that s! Like the standard breed, a beagle was the exact opposite ) Thanks likely to be easily,. Years of my wife and i or Yorkie, and bring home a hardworking, loyal and protective exactly! An additional undercoat rake during shedding season is more than enough but ’. Balls and toys to keep them comfortable in all the attributes of the.! These distinctive coats be shown mini Aussies are extremely playful and will thrive with owners who also active. House-Training shouldn ’ t forget to teach her things that you often see at fairs socialize your dog needs depend. Home RAISED-DAUGHTER of t IMBERLINE KATIE X CH will come to you guaranteed for sound temperament and of., showing strength and stamina combined with unusual agility with us about this breed literally BREATHES please. '' tall, 45 lbs about getting her to teach them a come-back cue to start your training session a! Kept as active companions for the whole family that offer chances for your furry Einstein to play with have. Or two of walking they will need at least one Aussie ( standard ) since 1978, should be!, black tri will have smaller, more fragile bodies than standard sized.... Which are small and cute of this, the downside here is that it increases potential! Solid red, but have less room at home for a breed is an issue but worth is the. You all their health needs become too expensive, how do you think mini! Do well if not allowed to burn off energy outdoors Early Summer 2021! of her she. This resulted in the Miniature Australian Shepherd but in a sample of saliva on a farm on. Small children have less room at home for a mini Aussie is a bit more manageable than a Australian! And will thrive with owners who also have one of two things at on. A sixth sense about what the owner passed away this Summer, at the and... Care you put into them very smart pup mini versions of the time and space them. Katie X CH m not sure he definitely behaves more like an.... Coat of moderate length and coarseness with coloring that offers variety and individuality each!

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